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One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role as Editor-in-Chief of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment (SAJRT) is the opportunity to meet and interview the authors of SAJRT articles, who include many of the top experts in the field.  These interviews are available as free podcasts (downloadable sound files) at the SAJRT page at Sage Publications.


Podcast 1. How safe are trick-or-treaters? An analysis of child sex crime rates on Halloween

An interview with Dr. Jill Levenson, co-author of the article and Chair of the Department of Human Services at Lynn University.  Joining the panel is Detective Robert Shilling, Chair of the Interpol Sex Offender Management Group and 19 year veteran of the Sex and Kidnapping Detail of the Seattle Police Department.


Podcast 2. Circles of Support and Accountability: A Canadian National Replication of Outcome…

A conversation with all three co-authors of the article, Dr. Robin Wilson, Dr. Franca Cortoni, and Mr. Andrew McWhinnie.


Podcast 3. Considering the Pedophile Subculture Online

An interview with Associate Professor Thomas Holt of the School of Criminal Justice of Michigan State University and first author of the article.  Joining the panel is Dr. Michael Seto, the most widely published researchers in the world on Internet-based child pornography offenders and author of Pedophilia and Sexual Offending (APA Books).

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All research is for the public good, and it is a duty of a scientist always to make the results of one’s work as available as possible to the public.  I am grateful to the media for their interest.


BBC Radio Interview

National Post

Radio Canada International

Profile in Canadian Psychiatry Aujourd’hui (.pdf)

Profile in The Monitor of American Psychological Association (.pdf) (www.APA.com)


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Dr. Ray Blanchard (retired)

Dr. Todd Girard

Dr. David Mikulis

Dr. Michael Seto

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