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Information for students


Clinical- and research-training opportunities are periodically available for psychology students at the graduate and postdoctoral levels. These include Practicum Placements, APA/CPA accredited Internships, and Postdoctoral Fellowships.  Trainees who already hold postdoctoral funds of their own may also be hosted for research projects in relevant areas.

Post-doctoral Fellowship Available


Neuropsychological functioning of pedophilic men and sexual offenders


I am seeking applicants for a two-year, full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.  The Fellow will participate in neuropsychological and psychological assessment of persons with paraphilias, atypical sexual interests, or histories of sexual offending. The Fellow will participate in on-going projects and develop and conduct projects of the Fellow’s own. Existing databases are available for retrospective data analyses, and opportunities are available for establishing new research protocols for implementation in the Kurt Freund Laboratory for phallometry. The Fellowship is ideal for those seeking research opportunities and experience in sexology, forensic psychology, assessment, or applied neuropsychology.


The CIHR-funded, 12-month stipend is $40,000 (Canadian; $40,388 U.S.), plus a conference allowance for both years of the Fellowship.  Applicants need not be citizens of Canada or the U.S.  Clinical experience and supervision can be arranged for recent doctorates seeking to fulfill the requirements for psychology licensure in Ontario (called “registration” by the College of Psychologists of Ontario).


The starting date is flexible, but preferred to be between January and May, 2012.  All degree requirements must be completed before taking up the Fellowship.  To apply, submit a coverletter describing your range of interests and career goals, a c.v., up to three reprints, and although letters of reference are not required, include the contact information for three professional references.  Electronic submissions and inquiries may be sent to james_cantor@camh.net.


The deadline for applications is 1 December 2011.


Clinical Internships

I supervise doctoral students in clinical psychology through the CAMH Internship Program (APA/CPA approved).  All CAMH Interns take two half-time rotations, of which the Clinical Sexology Services rotation with me would be one. Interns conduct assessments, one-on-one psychotherapy, and group therapy with men presenting with illegal or clinically significant sexual behaviours or interests.  These include individuals who believe they may be sexually compulsive, addicted, or unable to control their sexual urges; persons who have committed sexual offenses (e.g., sexual interference with a child, sexual assault, possession of child pornography); and couples dealing with such issues.


Psychotherapy cases are selected to match to the training needs and interests of the Intern.  Interns receive exposure to additional cases through attendance at case conferences of the Gender Identity Clinic, the Sexual Behaviours Clinic, and the Kurt Freund Laboratory.


Ideal candidates have relevant, but not redundant, prior experience. CAMH interns take two full-year rotations (with additional, minor rotations possible), and the applicants who receive the highest rankings from the selection process are those who are well suited to more than one rotation. A list of all rotations is included in the CAMH Psychology Intern Brochure. Interns interested in the Clinical Sexology Services rotation may also be interested in rotations in the Gender Identity Clinic, the Adult Forensic Outpatient Service, the Work, Stress, and Health Program, or the Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic.


CAMH participates in the APPIC computerized Internship Matching Program. Together with the standard APPIC application materials, applicants to the CAMH Internship Program must also include the CAMH Psychology Intern Application. Once filled out, that document should be uploaded to the APPIC site as “supplementary material” to the standard application.


The APPIC deadline for applications is 15 November 2011.


Potential applicants with specific questions are welcome to contact me before the deadline at james_cantor@camh.net. (Please include your c.v. in your email).


Clinical Practicum training

Not currently available.  For other CAMH rotations, interested students should consult the
CAMH Practicum Program Guidebook.


Last updated 9 October 2011