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Audio Products

Digital Sound Effects Recorder


This device is perfectly suited for live performances, sound editing, and a variety of other applications. It utilizes an ISD chip which can record and play 20 seconds of medium-quality audio. All audio is retained even when the power is disconnected.

The digital counter has a 1/8 second resolution. The counter operates similarly to a cassette player, but also allows instant reset to 00.0 and the option to set a constant location at which play/record begins. The command mode allows you to specify options, such as continuous repetition, or sequential message record/play. Other controls on the panel let you select the source and gain of the audio input, the volume of the output, and the record/play speed (which allows you to raise or lower voices). The record lock switch prevents accidental erasure of recordings.

Audio Footpedal Switch


This multipurpose switch was mechanically designed to serve either as a footpedal or as a normal pushbutton control. It uses two 1/4" mono phone jacks for external connections. There are two configurations set by the power switch. In one, the large button connects an audio path between the In and Out jacks. The second configuration connects the contacts in the Out jack. This is useful for certain amplifiers that have a footswitch jack for controlling special effects like reverb.

Other features: