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Custom Services

Custom Product Design

We realize that you may not always find the exact product you need. This is why we design products comletely suited to your needs. All you need to do is send us your specifications, and in a short time your new product will be ready. Our custom-designed products include hardware, software, web pages, and more.

Pricing Agreement

Since you may be the only buyer of the custom product, you must pay, in addition to production costs, a design fee. These two amounts are often approximately equal. If there are several parties, each desiring one of the same model, the design fee will be split between them.

To ask about custom products, send an e-mail to:


Write a complete description of all specifications, how many of these products you need, and how we can contact you. We will send you an free estimate on the price, and at this point you are still free to decline.


Many electronic malfunctions are caused simply by mechanical problems, such as loose connections. JE will repair almost any electronic device, whether the problem is simple or complex. E-mail the above address to arrange a repair job.