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for MS-DOS
Version: 1.0 - 2000
Size: 130 KB

ElectroBuilder is a CAD program for designing electronic circuitry. It makes it simple to draw schematic diagrams using several fundamental components. Once the schematic design is complete, the program retains all data while you enter into PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design mode. Using information from the circuit diagram, the program helps you while you use the mouse to draw copper traces along the circuit board to connect component pins. ElectroBuilder supports PCBs with two layers and through-holes to make contact between them.

The program allows you to separately save and open schematic (*.SCH) and PCB (*.PCB) files. It is also possible to switch back and forth between schematic and PCB diagrams of the same circuit while working on both. While editing a schematic it is possible to select a component and then rename it, acquire info, or delete it. Selecting and editing components can even be done in PCB mode, by clicking on one of the component's pins that you have placed on the circuit board.

ElectroBuilder contains many useful functions, but using them is easy thanks to several help screens which guide you through each process.