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Things that go Blink

Bright Orange LED Flasher


This battery-powered device produces an extremely bright beam of orange light. The narrow beam is not laser light, and in fact diverges (spreads apart) much more than a laser beam. This makes it easy to aim at an approximate point without missing.

The circuit can be set to flash at two different rates, or stay lit steadily. A module made of the circuit and batteries is contained within a water-resistant container. The container can be floated on water can be floated on water for a short time, but the circuit still operates if completely water-logged.
Uses during night:
  • As a flashlight
  • As a stationary beacon
  • Signalling or attracting attention
  • Detecting reflective surfaces, such as the eyes of an approaching animal
Caution: Do not stare directly into the light or its reflection. In this photo, the LED was aimed in a different direction, but stray light was so bright that the camera registered erroneous horizontal lines.

Batteries 2x AAA
Battery Life (flash mode) Alkaline - 1 month
Standard - 3 months
Brightness 12000 mcd
Peak emission wavelength 620 nm
Operation modes Flash 1Hz, Flash 3Hz, Constant.
Selected on circuit board.
Dimensions 7cm long * 4cm diam.