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JE Field Technology Command Centre

Location: (classified)

Purposes: (classified)

Employees: (classified)

At the JE FTCC, we take great pride in being one of the main players in JE corporation. One of our duties is to test JE products. Right now we have the pleasure of announcing that we will soon be going digital with most of our electronic control networks with the help of JE's own Radio Computer Interface Network . Much of our equipment was custom designed and built specially for us by the JE engineers.

Here is a brief description of our systems. We have 5 high current power buses, 3 of which are backed up by batteries in case of a power failure. We have a security system. For communications, we are equipped with CB radios, the ACC network, and outdoor sirens. Detection equipment includes the JE Water-Sensor

These are a few unclassified pictures of our facility.