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Power Supplies

Adjustable Supplies with Medium Power


ps-3500A (Rear view)

These adjustable power supplies are designed to be useful in many applications. The two-in-one style is useful for powering circuits requiring both positive and negative voltages. On some models, the output voltage can be set by an external circuit, making it easy to control motors or lights.

The wide voltage range is from 1.25V to 25V. The current, up to 3A, is limited by internal short circuit/overheating detection.

Helpful features are switches disconnecting the outputs, and voltage monitor outputs that bypass the switches. There are also direct connections to the transformer, providing an 18 or 36 VAC output. LEDs on the front panel indicate not only if the power is on, but also the status of the positive and negative supplies.

Pulse Width Modulation Digital adapters for 3000 series

These small circuit boards connect a digital TTL/LS signal to the input of any 3000-series power supply. A slowly changing signal will turn the power on and off, while a high frequency signal can create an exact voltage in the output depending on the pulse's duty cycle.

Modular Power Bus devices

DC Power Bus Conditioner: PS-5400 series

This module serves as a junction box, complete with smoothing capacitors and LEDs to indicate bus power. It connects in-line with wires from existing power supplies. Multi-channel versions are available. Ask for more info.

Long Distance Line Conditioner: PS-5500 series

This module controls power to a low-voltage DC power line. There are two saftey features: a fuse, and an LED which indicates any possible short-circuit along the line.