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Janzen Electronics is proud to be leading the latest audio revolution by developing our new SoundStation line of products. SoundStation is a hardware-based system that dramatically lowers the cost of professional sound editing, recording, mixing and effects for live performances. It is all digital, which permits a versatility never seen before.

SoundStation 1.0, which is still in the early stages of development, is a small portable device with a large LCD display for easy display of several programs or monitoring displays. There is a disk drive to store and transport audio files. Other simple functions include Synthesizer, a virtual graphic equalizer and mixer. Also, there is a function to substitute human voices.

This description has only included some of the functions on the SoundStation hardware which facilitate portability and low power requirements. But this is not all! On the back of the device is a parallel port to connect it to a computer running Windows. Here you can use the SoundStation Controller program. It greatly increases both functionality and ease of operation. For example, among the functions is an amazing audio editing program, as well as an interactive virtual circuit diagram of the path of the audio to different virtual devices. Perhaps the greatest of all the programs is Musical World. It serves a fantastic musical composition aid as well as a learning tool.

Specifications of SoundStation 1.0

Audio Inputs and Outputs 8 of each with A/D or D/A conversion at a maximum quality of 40,000 samples per second and 16 bits of accuracy.
Electronic Interface
  • Parallel port
  • RS-232 Serial port
Human Interface
  • Large LCD display
  • Small keypad
  • Analog control
Disk drive 3 1/2 standard floppy disk
Processor 386 or better
Memory (undetermined- about 64 MB)
Storage Internal hard drive
Power requirements 12V, 1A max. AC adapter included. Able to be powered by battery.