Suggested Websites







Just For Kids


PBS Kids

Fun and games, stories, PBS kids shows.


Games, trivia, facts, music, science, jokes, clubhouse.

Kids Chat-Zone

A safe chat room dedicated to children 7 to 12 years old.

A Kids Beehive

Music downloads, message board, games, contests.  Lists and describes 46 kids’ sites (variety of ages)



Tourism and Travel


Canada Tourism Commission - Information on vacationing in Canada, and resources for companies in the tourism business

Travel Abroad
Valuable information for Canadians traveling outside of
Canada.  Travel advisories and warnings, specific information for business travelers, advice for women traveling alone, consular services, and where to go for help.


Draws maps of cities and towns in North America.  Lets you search for a certain address.



Real Estate and Housing


Homes Across Canada

Search for various types of homes, real estate companies, and financial planning

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Advice on buying, renting, renovating, or mortgaging a home.  Information on housing markets in
Canada and internationally.  Government financial assistance.





Canada 411
Personal and business phone/address listings including toll-free numbers, from across the country.

Postal Codes
Canada Post’s on-line listing of postal codes for all regions of



Government Sites


Main website for the Government of Canada, with links to all programs and services, and information about

Provincial site.

Essex County
Services, records, maps, history.



Work and Careers


Canadians primary source for career, education, labour market, and self-employment information, plus workplace issues and supports, and financial help.

An interactive site to help Canadians identify theirs skill and ambitions, and plan their search for work.

Job Bank
Lists employment and business opportunities from across the country with a searchable database.

Youth Resource Network
Connects Canadian youth to services, opportunities and resources specifically aimed at them. It’s a one-stop shop for a network of links to information specifically for young people.

Electronic Labour Exchange
Canada’s unique on-line interactive service that matches workers’ skill sets to employers’ needs.
A growing on-line career and recruitment network. Its goal is to provide a seamless environment for employers and job seekers to find each other.

Other Work / Career Information
Job listings on a variety of public and private sector sites, work search help, résumé writing, and workplace information, and other tools to find employment.








Health Canada

Canadian Health Network







Look up any computer term.



Online typing tutorials



Complete lessons, easy to use, and entertaining


Info on using the keyboard, and typing tests.





Weather Office
Environment Canada’s Weather Office provides data on the national and regional weather picture. It provides local conditions, local forecasts, and weather information from around the world.

Statistics -- Population, Economy, etc.
The Statistics Canada Web site provides access to statistical information about
Canada and Canadians.

Consumer Information
Canada’s Strategis Web site features a special section with up-to-date information and tips for Canadian consumers.

Rural Information
The Canadian Rural Partnership Web site has information on issues and links to resources relevant to
Canada’s rural communities.

The National Library of Canada Web site lists resources to guide Canadians on their genealogical research.

Project Gutenburg

Thousands of online literary works.


Everything free on the web.




Search Engines.  Search the web for much more than we have here!



Asks you exactly what you mean when you search for something.


Easy to use.

Shows results of many other search engines at the same time