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This website was kindly hosted at http://individual.utoronto.ca by UTORweb. It does not reflect the views of, is not officially approved by, and should not be intellectually or legally linked with, the University of Toronto.

This website does not serve any commercial purpose. Its form was originally intended to imitate that of any professional electronics company. Its purpose now is to showcase my designs, and to serve as a source of information for hobbyists. The ordering system was an exercise in learning JavaScript, and remains as a curiosity. It basically serves as an interesting adding machine, and does not allow any actual monetary transactions. No past instance of this website has produced sales. If a person pays money for a JE product because of seeing this instance of the website, I will reconsider its form and/or presence at this location.


Danger exists in all electronics work and other experiments. The experimental information and advice on this website attempts to enlighten the curious regarding some dangers present in what actions they would already be interested in performing. An individual should not necessarily perform these experiments. The experimenter must be of a mature age or must have an adult supervisor. Do not use the information for evil or illegal purposes. You are expected to understand and obey these and other legal and safety guidelines, thus making JE, R. Janzen, and UofT not liable for damages or injury caused.

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