Brandt, Rudolf.

Born 2.6.1909 in Frankfurt (Oder), died 2.6.1948. Lawyer. Personal Administrative Officer to the Reichsfiihrer SS, Himmler. Defendant in the Medical Trial. Rudolf Brandt studied law in Berlin and lena. In 1933 he obtained a post on the staff of the Reichsfiihrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, where he worked as Himmler's personal consultant, as of 1938. After Himmler had replaced Wilhelm Frick as Minister of the Interior, Brandt was additionally appointed Ministerial Councilor and Head of the Minister's Office in the Reich Ministry of the Interior. Rudolf Brandt joined the NSDAP in 1932 and entered the SS a year later. He attained the rank of Colonel in the General SS. As personal consultant to Himmler, Rudolf Brandt maintained close relations to the Reich Business Manager of the SS Research and Instruction Society "Das Ahnenerbe." Wolfram Sievers, and it was in this function that he participated in the coordination of most of the involuntary experiments on concentration camp inmates that comprised the indictment in the Medical Trial. Rudolf Brandt was sentenced to death by American Military Tribunal No. I in August 1947. He was hanged on 2.6.1948.

(the above text comes from the book by Dörner, Klaus, The Nuremberg Medical Trial, 1946/47:guide to the microfiche-edition , K.G. Saur, 2001)