Fischer, Fritz.

Born 5.10.1912 in Berlin. Physician. Dr. med.. Major in the Waffen-SS. Defendant in the Medical Trial. Fritz Fischer acquired his medical license at the end of his medical studies on 15.1.1938 and as of 1.11.1939, was assigned to the Waffen-SS of the SS-Department of the Hohenlychen Sanatorium as a physician and SS Second Lieutenant. In 1940 he became troop physician of the SS Body Guard Division Adolf Hitler. After being wounded he was posted back to Hohenlychen and became active in the camp hospital of the Ravensbrilück Women's Concentration Camp as a surgical assistant to Karl Gebhardt. He was an active accomplice in the surgical experiments carried out on concentration camp inmates there. Fritz Fischer was from 1.5.1937 an NSDAP member (No. 4,945.298). He had al ready joined the SS on 1.11.1933 (SS No. 203.578). Fischer was condemned to life imprisonment by the American Military Tribunal. Later his sentence was reduced to 15 years and he was released in March 1954.

(the above text comes from the book by Dörner, Klaus, The Nuremberg Medical Trial, 1946/47:guide to the microfiche-edition , K.G. Saur, 2001)