Genzken, Karl.

Born 8.6.1895 in Preetz. Holstein. Physician. Dr. med. Major General of the Waffen-SS. Chief of the Medical Office of the Waffen-SS. Defendant in the Medical Trial. Genzken studied medicine in Marburg, Lahn, from 1906, completed his time as a junior intern in a hospital in Plauen and took his doctorate in 1912. Immediately after that he entered the Medical Service of the Navy, to which he belonged until the end of the First World War. From 19 I 9 to 1934 he practiced in Preetz, Holstein. In 1934 he was reactivated as a reserve officer in the Naval Medical Service. After that, he transferred to the SS Operational Main Office as assistant medical director, was promoted to the medical superintendent of the SS Hospital in Berlin, and appointed Chief of the Medical Office of the Waffen-SS in 1942. Genzken had joined the NSDAP on 7.7.1926 (No. 39,913). He joined the SS on 5.11.1933 (No. 207,954) and rose to the rank of SS Major General, and in the Waffen-SS to Major General. Due to his high position in the medical establishment, Genzken was involved in a series of compulsory human experiments that were carried out on prisoners of several concentration camps. Genzken was condemned in August 1947 to life imprisonment by the American Military Tribunal No. I, although his sentence was later reduced to 20 years and he was released in April 1954.

(the above text comes from the book by Dörner, Klaus, The Nuremberg Medical Trial, 1946/47:guide to the microfiche-edition , K.G. Saur, 2001)