Pokorny, Adolf.

Born 26.7.1895 in Vienna. Dermatologist. Medical Doctorate. Defendant in Ihe Medical Trial. Pokorny participated from 15.3.1915 to 9.9.1918 in the First World War. He received many medals and was discharged later as a second lieutenant. Afterwards. he resumed his study of medicine in Prague, having officially started to study in 1916. In 1922, he completed his medical doctorate and on 22.3.1922, Pokorny received his medical license. After two years of clinical training, he opened a practice in Komotau, specializing in skin and sexually transmitted diseases. During World War II, Pokorny worked as a medical officer of the German Armed Forces and was last employed as a Medical COIVS Captain at the military hospital of Hohcnstein/Ernsttal. Pokorny was an early active member of the German Peoples' Irredenta Böhmens. His application to enter the NSDAP, however, was declined in 1939, because he was married to a Jewish physician from whom he was divorced in April 1935. Pokorny was tried by the American Military Tribunal No. I in August 1947, however found innocent of having participated in involuntary sterilization experiments.

(the above text comes from the book by Dörner, Klaus, The Nuremberg Medical Trial, 1946/47:guide to the microfiche-edition , K.G. Saur, 2001)