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The USA's National Security Agency created a handy mascot to help teach kids about cryptography.  His name is Crypto Cat, and I think he's pretty cool for a government stooge.

The original material

I was first clued in to Crypto Cat by my good friends TenBaseT and danish in May 2004.  The original URL is

That page included a black-and-white Crypto Cat for kids to print off and colour in:

Crypto Cat from NSA Kids Colouring Book

as well as a smaller GIF of Crypto Cat with reference colours:

Crypto Cat with cipher wheel from NSA Kids web site

The products

Now what can we do with those two things?  Hello Inkscape:

A coloured picture of Crypto Cat

You can download the final SVG version for Inkscape: cryptocat.svgz.

I also created a desktop background using Crypto Cat, because he's just so cool.  Click for the big version.

Crypto Cat desktop - click for the full size version

You can also download the Inkscape SVG source for this background: cryptocat-desktop.svgz.

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