The #linux Hall of Lame

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I am a regular (or not-so-regular, these days) denizen of Undernet's #linux channel, which seems to collect more than its fair share of idiots. Most of these people sort of blur into each other after a while, but some truly stand out from the crowd (until they get kicked out).

This is their story.

This page is devoted to preserving stupidity for future generations, and this generation also, so you too can know how not to act.

If you have what you think is a shining example of #linux lameness, send it to me and I may add it.

<ACEofBASE> How do I hack??!??!??

<UltraVox> From where can i download a mIRC client for Linux ????
*** Ham has kicked UltraVox from #linux (bold shit)
*** UltraVox (denis@ has joined #linux
<UltraVox> ???
<UltraVox> pls a website to download mIRC client for Linux pls !!!
*** aleph has kicked UltraVox from #linux ( or whatever. mirc doesn't run in Linux, dickwad.) (60 sec)
*** UltraVox (denis@ has joined #linux
<UltraVox> aleph> why have u ban me ? i have see a kind of irc clinet running under linux !!!

*** FiReX (~phrax@ has joined #linux
<FiReX> does anyone have a linux box,,,???
<purplefox> nobody on #linux has a linux box
<purplefox> we all run OS/2
<purplefox> we don't give out shells here
<FiReX> shut up
<StormC> FiReX: GETTING-A-SHELL-HOWTO: 1) go to your local shell provider. 2) Ask for an IRC Shell 3) pay the Bills 4) Use the Shell!
<FiReX> StormC: dont want to pay :)
*** Shadur ( has joined #linux
*** X gives channel operator status to Shadur
<FiReX> forstär i Dansk??..hehe
<Shadur> FiReX: I've had a long day. Don't tempt me.
*** Shadur has kicked FiReX from #linux (Take your own advice. (90 sec))

<kontra> BitchX is better than IRC
<ilmari> kontra: that's the client, we're talking about hte protocol
<kontra> shut uo
<kontra> shut up
*** cherem has kicked kontra from #linux (*slap*!) (60 sec)

<Kawa> Lianddrin -> what is the criteria to have access on #linux?
<silsor> Kawa: spell her name right and maybe she'll notice you
<Kawa> Liandrin -> what is the criteria to have access on #linux?
<Shadur> Kawa: Usually if you ask for it you're not likely to get it.
<silsor> Kawa: are you asking for ops?
*** pmitros has kicked Kawa from #linux (Op begging)
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
<Kawa> Shadur -> that's a simple question!
<Shadur> Kawa: And a simple answer, which I gave
*** Shadur has kicked Kawa from #linux (Don't /msg (90 sec))
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
*** X has kicked Kawa from #linux (*!*kawa@* [Beg for an unban again and I'll double the time again.])
<GrndZero> [Kawa!] please remove my ban on #lunux.
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
*** X has kicked Kawa from #linux (*!*kawa@* [Beg for an unban again and I'll double the time again.])
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
<Kawa> hi al!
<Kawa> l!
*** X has kicked Kawa from #linux ((Shadur) Ban evading? Tsk, tsk.)
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
*** X has kicked Kawa from #linux (*!*kawa@* [Beg for an unban again and I'll double the time again.])
*** Kawa ( has joined #linux
*** X has kicked Kawa from #linux (*!*kawa@* [Beg for an unban again and I'll double the time again.])

*** Ham has kicked Amy3 from #linux (yelling.. and don't read fags)

<zoio> .??.???`?.?.?>Procurando por LamerZ no Canal #linux <?.??.???`?.?.
<zoio> [ aiel ]
<zoio> Total Detectado: [1]
<zoio> .??.???`?.?.?>Procurando por LamerZ no Canal #linux <?.??.???`?.?.
<zoio> [ aiel ]
<zoio> Total Detectado: [1]
*** mfrisch_ has kicked zoio from #linux (go away)

*** strix has kicked Panteras from #linux ([15 sec] piss off)

<LordNight> If you want invade you friend , pay attention in this help.. open you telnet - type his IP and then open the prompt linux. you writ root, after with a pass: 845pwdfree888 <--- this is a linux but... -->
<LordNight> If you want invade you friend , pay attention in this help.. open you telnet - type his IP and then open the prompt linux. you writ root, after with a pass: 845pwdfree888 <--- this is a linux bug... -->
*** OldMonk has kicked LordNight from #linux (fuck off)

<aGrAvO_CD> Please send-me any portscan or nuke for Linux...
*** Ham has kicked aGrAvO_CD from #linux (ack, no colour!)
*** aGrAvO_CD (~Devil@ has joined #linux
<aGrAvO_CD> [00:45:59] <GNUbee> :aGrAvO_CD go to #hi_im_a_fucking_windoze_script_kiddie_lamer_please_send_me_warez they have them there.
<aGrAvO_CD> [00:46:00] <Paul-K> :Hey, let's elect the greek monster over there: "Send the other politicians packin'; gather round and let's get Kraken!"
<aGrAvO_CD> [00:46:09] <aGrAvO_CD>:KVirc 0.9.0 by Szymon 'Pragma@ircnet' Stefanek>
<aGrAvO_CD> [00:46:18] <Kerm> :ok then i'lll ignore that thing then =]
<aGrAvO_CD> [00:46:19] <aGrAvO_CD>:i not using windows
*** Liandrin has kicked aGrAvO_CD from #linux (You have activated the Automatic Moron Ejection System(tm))

*** racerx ( has joined #linux
*** Shadur has kicked racerx from #linux (That's just too big an open door not to kick in. (30 sec))

<Ragnarock> I am looking for a win98 nuke?

Note from silsor: The name and hostmask of the perpetrator of the following selection have been changed to protect the guilty.
<DorkShallow> Howdy all how the hell do you set the date on linux
<fretless> DorkShallow: man date
<DorkShallow> I already READ IT fretless
<fretless> DorkShallow: don't yell at me bitch
<DorkShallow> I am not yelling
<DorkShallow> Can anyone see what is wrong with that date format?
<DorkShallow> fretless... can you see what is wrong with this date format?
<DorkShallow> Can anyone help me?
<DorkShallow> Can some one PLEASE help me.. what is wrong with this date format?
<DorkShallow> ??
<DorkShallow> can some one HELP me please with this date format....
<DorkShallow> it keeps saying invalid date format
<DorkShallow> every format I try it says invalid date format
<DorkShallow> well HELP me and I will be gone
<wlfshmn> DorkShallow: You can be gone without gettign help if we choose to.
<DorkShallow> What ever..... and I have the right to evade any ban you put n me
<DorkShallow> and make your life a living hell.. so don't start this game with me
<silsor> DorkShallow: congratulations, you just put yourself in my Hall of Lame with that remark. Soon you will be able to see yourself immortalized at
<DorkShallow> oh bite me ... I am just trying to get some help
<DorkShallow> just help me some one will ya..... what is the correct format
<DorkShallow> for this date format... the stupid thing... will not accept
*** Shadur has kicked DorkShallow from #linux (No plugging URLs. (30 sec))
*** DorkShallow (~dorkshallow@x.x.x.x) has joined #linux
<DorkShallow> silsor: and I do not authorize you to put anything I say here on that webpage... If you do I will contact your system administrator and have that account shut down .... understand?
<DorkShallow> What is the correct date format... everyone I have tried it says invalid format
<DorkShallow> you people are assholes

Note from silsor: How exactly is he going to shut me down? Don't you need an intellect before you can have "intellectual property"?

<Nitecrwlr> how do i install a network card
<Lion-O> Nitecrwlr: recompile the kernel
<Nitecrwlr> the kernel?
<Nitecrwlr> what is a kernel
<Lion-O> Nitecrwlr: get a clue
<Lion-O> Nitecrwlr: or
<Nitecrwlr> ?
<Nitecrwlr> do i need to run linux to install a network card
<Nitecrwlr> i run windows fool
<Nitecrwlr> how do i install my network card
*** Lion-O sets ban on *!*wtf@*
*** Lion-O has kicked Nitecrwlr from #linux (if you run windows I think YOU are the fool to goto some linux chan)

Note from silsor: The following was contributed by sbingham (binghas at maple dot olivetschools dot org)

*** Linus_ ( has joined #linux
<Linus_> How do I find out a AOL users ip address?
<sbingham> Out.
* Linus_ looks at sbingham
<sbingham> WTF do you need an aol users ip addr?
<sbingham> You sound like a l33t h4x0r
* Linus_ dosen't take that as a compiliment
<Linus_> hehe, I have winnuke in 1 line of perl, which is cool
<sbingham> OUT!
* sbingham wishes he had an @.
<Linus_> but it expands to 3

*** OatMelKil ( has joined #linux
<OatMelKil> Where can I go to get LINUX NEWBIE HACKING GUIDES?

--> rodblaze ( has joined #linux
<rodblaze> hello linuxen, i bring forth a question on turdish Redhat.
<rodblaze> Where do lieth the configuration files for Xwindows on RH 6.1, pray tell?
<mwilson> rodblaze: Right where the documentation says they do... imagine that!
<rodblaze> thank you peons
<rodblaze> for your wise wisdoms, I promote thee linuxen to Tuxen!
<rodblaze> dare I say where the window managerth are chosen, what file lie them in R.H.6.1, pray tell?
<mwilson> rodblaze: They're chosen in the user's .xinitrc, of course.
<fretless-> rodblaze: readeth the fucking manualeth
<rodblaze> may a line, such as exec blackbox, change the default wm, pray tell?
<mwilson> rodblaze: Do us all a favor and be stupid somewhere else, please.
<rodblaze> mwilson, i asketh a sincere question, be kind, not sharp as the devils tongue
--- mwilson sets ban on *!*rodblaz*@*
<-- mwilson has kicked rodblaze from #linux (Oh, take yourself to somewhere where people care.)

--> nakedandf ( has joined #linux
<nakedandf> hey can someone help me with a quick perl script?
<nakedandf> i'm trying to write a perl script to search for an address and send one ping every second as long as the address is online
<nakedandf> this bugger keeps flooding and i'd like to get rid of them short of using a DDOS
<nakedandf> but if anyone knows where ic an get one of those i'd gladly use that instead
<jgaddis> nakedandf: whats so hard about that?
<nakedandf> well... i know very little about perl and i can't remember how to write a while function to run the ping
<silsor> nakedandf: so basically what you want to do is reimplement 'ping' in perl.
<nakedandf> silsor, i just want to write a short script to ping someone offline if they continue flooding
<nakedandf> but i'm not sure where to look for a DDOS attack so i was just gonna write a pinging script in perl
<silsor> nakedandf: so you're going to ping them once every second to force them offline.
<jgaddis> nakedandf: and one ping per second isn't gonna do much
<nakedandf> i know, i'm realising that
<nakedandf> i just don't want to be overly drastic
<nakedandf> but if it's the only way to stop people from flooding, you know?
<nakedandf> do you know where ic ould find a better attack?
<jgaddis> nakedandf: man ipchains
<nakedandf> do you know where i could find a DDOS attack or something similar?
<nakedandf> all i wanted was to get rid of someone who was flooding a server so i could talk to my friend because the server was dying.
<nakedandf> fuck this line of questioning.
<-- nakedandf has quit (Read error to nakedandf[]: Connection reset by peer)

<lionx> y did my hd crash?
<lionx> al give u some reasons for u to confirm or question it
<lionx> i downloaded and uploaded too much stuff at the same time?
<parity_> besides if you send them your hd there not going to try to recover the data they'll just send you a new drive...
<lionx> really?
<lionx> THEY just throw it out?
<lionx> they don't care if u got porn or warez on it?
<parity_> why waste time on a dead drive?
<lionx> cuz i had alot of data on it!!!
<lionx> wat a lost
<lionx> i used ftp alot
<lionx> sending and gettin at SAME time
<lionx> at the time of crash i was on irc warez rooms sending and getting
<lionx> then the computer went into blue screen
<lionx> it said' kernel error page dumping'
<lionx> dam now im having second thoughts bout warez serving
<UnAbOnGeR> lionx: 4 weeks sounds like it was just a defective unit
<lionx> will they check the data???
<lionx> i got porn and warez on it lols
<lionx> thats y i don't wanna send them it
--- RelDrgn sets ban on *!*
<-- RelDrgn has kicked lionx from #linux (ok, enough of your stupid warezness.)

--> AHacker ( has joined #linux
<AHacker> what purpose does this channel serve
<More2Life> AHacker, read the channel FAQ
<AHacker> it lies
<More2Life> read it again then
<AHacker> it lies
--> Diablo_ ( has joined #linux
<AHacker> (`'.(`'. Diablo_ .').')
--- jgaddis sets ban on *!
<-- jgaddis has kicked AHacker from #linux (You have activated the Automatic Moron Ejection System(tm))

--> IXIR (~IXIR@ has joined #linux
<IXIR> can anybody help me hack a hotmail account plsssssssssssssssssss
<IXIR> plssssssss helppppppppppppppppppp
<coke_nl> IXIR: please tell us WHY you want to do that? :)
<Evii> IXIR: hahaha.
<IXIR> cause i have to know somethiong personal
<IXIR> i wanna see if i am being cheated on not
<IXIR> i wanna know
<coke_nl> IXIR: ask her!
<IXIR> something about what is in her e mail
<coke_nl> "bitch, do you cheat on me?"
<IXIR> plsss help
<IXIR> plsss
<IXIR> plss help
<IXIR> :(
<IXIR> fineee
<IXIR> i am leaving
<roofox> why should we help you?
<IXIR> thanx for helping me
<Evii> I dare you to leave.
<roofox> double dare!
<IXIR> i just asked cause u guys know better thats why
<IXIR> if i knew i d do that
<IXIR> at least pls teach me how to do this so i can do it by myself
<darkstar_> IXIR ur system is being cracked
<IXIR> hacking
<IXIR> i mean
<IXIR> darkstar did u hack me?
<IXIR> what is he saying?
<IXIR> did he hack me?
<darkstar_> no I cracked you
<IXIR> what does that mean darkstar?
<IXIR> crack?
<IXIR> what does that mean?
<IXIR> :(
<IXIR> what did i do of wrong
<IXIR> ?
<darkstar_> reboot and you will know IRIX...
<IXIR> plsss dont crack me buddy
<coke_nl> IXIR: lets see who or what you are...
<IXIR> noooooooo plsss dontttttttt darkstar
<darkstar_> It was a joke
<coke_nl> IXIR: and what you have..
<IXIR> plsssssssssss
<IXIR> dontttttttttt
<coke_nl> hmm...
<IXIR> :(((((((((((((((((((((
<-- IXIR has quit (Leaving)

<digitalha> anyone using proftpd?
<digitalha> im having trouble with my dameon
<mike_> digitalha: just ask a specific question.
<digitalha> I can get the server to start back up
<mike_> digitalha: then read the logs and find out why it's failing to start.
<digitalha> i had just editied the proftpd.conf so i could login as root
<Lion-O> login as ROOT ?
* mike_ bangs head on desk for a while trying to make the idiocy go away.
<digitalha> Lion-0: fu off
<SigLite> digitalha: you're the reason things like the lion worm exist flooding my logs.
<Lion-O> digitalha: have you ANY idea what allowing root access means?
<Lion-O> digitalha: ANY idea how much risk you take?
<Lion-O> digitalha: so now I need to fuck off because I'm telling you how STUPID you are?
<digitalha> Yeah basically
--- Lion-O sets ban on *!*digitalha@*
<-- Lion-O has kicked digitalha from #linux (I suggest YOU fuck off. Come back when you have a brain (30 secs))

<CoF> is it possible to use only swap, ie have np physical memory with linux?

--> le-doc ( has joined #linux
<le-doc> hello i'm looking for a CGI-scanner anyone know a good one ?
<le-doc> its a scanner for vulnerabilities cgi
<glipster> le-doc: okay, fuck off
<le-doc> glipster: do you know why i need it ??
<le-doc> listen i wish kill a pedophyl web site and i need stuff for it
<Lion-O> le-doc: fuck off NOW
<Lion-O> le-doc: if you want to kill it complain to their ISP
<PolarWolf> le-doc: There are legal steps you can make to get that site offline. Reverting to criminal measures will only backfire
<le-doc> but they think im a lammerz cause i wiush destroy a pedophilia web site
<OldMonk> le-doc: like, go away
<le-doc> no i will not go away without cgi scann
--- PolarWolf sets ban on *!*
<-- PolarWolf has kicked le-doc from #linux (You *will* go away)
--- PolarWolf removes ban on *!*
--> le-doc ( has joined #linux
<le-doc> i don't understand you you think all user who connect here to ask tools ar lammers ?
<Lion-O> le-doc: tough luck. Besides; there are legal steps to take for illegal sites.
<Lion-O> le-doc: besides; searching for exploits is illegal. If you would resort to those tactics you might even end up on the wrong side of your revenge plan; they will drop complaints at your isp and you will be kicked off the net.
<le-doc> Lion-O i can't be kicked off my ip and mask change always
--- OldMonk sets ban on *!*@*
<-- OldMonk has kicked le-doc from #linux (oh shut up and go away)

Note from silsor: is currently permbanned in #linux for exceeding their annoyance quota.

--> Dangerous ( has joined #linux
<Dangerous> me a mirror for enigma-i386-disc1.iso
<Dangerous> tell me a mirror for enigma-i386-disc1.iso
<Dangerous> help me pls
<Dangerous> tell me a mirror for enigma-i386-disc1.iso
--- stephen_ sets ban on *!*
<-- stephen_ has kicked Dangerous from #linux (fuck of to google)
--< Dangerous ( has joined #linux
--- stephen_ removes ban on *!*
<Dangerous> what was that stephen_ ? *** You were kicked from #linux by stephen_ (fuck of to google)
--- messy sets ban on *!*Junioru@*
<-- messy has kicked Dangerous from #linux (Fuck off to altavista?)
--- messy removes ban on *!*Junioru@*
--> Dangerous ( has joined #linux
<stephen_> Dangerous: you have been here asking the same thing for ages. Try asking google, obviously nobody here knows
<Dangerous> Dangerous ... i have been staying here for some time, and i do not wish to go
<Dangerous> why should i go ?
--- stephen_ sets ban on *!*
<-- stephen_ has kicked Dangerous from #linux (Like a nun's hymen, my patience wears thin when I am pused by a thick fucker. Begone!)
--- stephen_ removes ban on *!*
--> Dangerous ( has joined #linux
<Dangerous> stephen_ ?
<Dangerous> can`t we be friends ?
--- Shadur sets ban on *!*Junioru@*
<-- Shadur has kicked Dangerous from #linux (And st-st-st-stuh-stop st-st-stt-stu-stuttering!)
<Shadur> 21:09 [Dangerous!] i`m only saying this once...remove the ban now
/* At this point, Shadur gets packet flooded and Dangerous receives a long-term ban. */
<Shadur> 21:17 [Dangerous!] changed your mind ?
<Shadur> 21:17 [Dangerous!] changed your mind ?
<Shadur> 21:18 [Dangerous!] changed your mind ?
/* Half an hour later: */
<PolarWolf> [09:41] *Dangerous* sorry man, pls let me in

--> neko4eiko ( has joined #linux
--> ultimew ( has joined #linux
<ultimew> you got it
<-- neko4eiko has quit (G-lined ([1] Abuse/Flooding is bad and has earnt this gline.))
<-- ultimew has quit (G-lined ([1] Abuse/Flooding is bad and has earnt this gline.))

--> bebelusu (adryan@ has joined #linux
<bebelusu> hy allza
<bebelusu> can u hellp me whyt a psybnc or a root pls
<bebelusu> can u?
<bebelusu> can u hellp me whyt a psybnc or a root pls
<bebelusu> psy bnc
<bebelusu> pls
<bebelusu> or a root to make psybnc
<bebelusu> u know
<bebelusu> like that
<bebelusu> Trying to 0wn :
<bebelusu> Moving onto another server...
<bebelusu> Trying to 0wn :
--- razathorn sets ban on *!*@
<-- razathorn has kicked bebelusu from #linux (channel rule violation, please consult faq)

<jiin> stephen_: heh the only peo-ple who dont run as root all the time are those that are either skeerd or are buying the propaganda that running as root is a mortal sin ..
<jiin> I cant do my job unless I am root
<nickless_> that's right, i do not examine every line of source code of every program i run on my system. are you saying you do?
<jiin> heh .. you guys live in your glas houses .. I will do my job
<jiin> nickless_: I know everyting that is going on in my system .. yes
--- stephen_ sets ban on *!*idiot@
<-- stephen_ has kicked jiin from #linux (fuck off and troll elsewhere please)
--- stephen_ removes ban on *!*idiot@
--> jiin (~idiot@ has joined #linux
<jiin> hmmm interesting .. I take it that only the accepted opinions are accepted here?
--- X sets ban on *!*idiot@24.98.13.*
<-- X has kicked jiin from #linux ((bagpuss) 12 hours, fuck off and troll elsewhere please)

--> A_cidutzu (nickrulz@ has joined #linux
<A_cidutzu> will you guys help me?
/* Time passes. */
<A_cidutzu> hmmmmmmmmm FUCK this chann because nobody help meeeeeeeeee :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((99
<-- A_cidutzu (nickrulz@ has left #linux

--> x_0 (a@ has joined #linux
<x_0> i want to kernel linux !!!!!!! who can send ???????
<x_0> kernel linux who have ?????????
--- HellHound sets ban on *!a@
<-- HellHound has kicked x_0 from #linux (mIRC colors suck (30 secs))

--> Linux98 ( has joined #linux
<Linux98> How do i add a superuser on mandrake?
<Lion-O> Linux98: you don't, there allready is one.
<Linux98> dont say root plz
<Lion-O> Linux98: why not?
<Linux98> Lion-O: Im adding my friend as a superuser i just need to know plz
<Lion-O> Linux98: so give him the root password.
<Linux98> no man just plz tell me
--- Lion-O sets ban on *!*Rossco@*
<-- Lion-O has kicked Linux98 from #linux (You have exceeded our stupidity tolerance quota for today. Thank you for visiting. (30 sec))

--> Denilson (Denilson@ has joined #linux
<Denilson> how do I remove the history from an Linux system?...
<Denilson> everything...
<Denilson> i hope that will remain no clues...
<Denilson> pls i'm in big big trouble
<siglite> Denilson: why do you want to remove the history? secret police at the door? They know about the sex with goats videos?
<TiggyOFF> He is a romanian, for fuck's sake
<siglite> Denilson: then why do you need to remove your history?
<TiggyOFF> what'd you expect?
<Denilson> i entered
<TiggyOFF> you entered where?
<Denilson> on my best friend server
<Denilson> and i tried a lot of commands
<Denilson> and when i give the simply command history
<siglite> Denilson: ok, so you got into your friends server, and tried a bunch of dumbassed shit, ok, what about it?
<Denilson> shows everything
<TiggyOFF> how exactly did you 'enter'? did you just knock the door and it presented you with a root shell?
<siglite> Denilson: uh huh
<Denilson> noap
<siglite> Denilson: so what, now he's going to kick the shit out of you?
<Denilson> i knew his root pass
<Denilson> is very simple
<Denilson> i had an username on it
<Denilson> but i said
<Denilson> what a hack..i can do an thing
<siglite> Denilson: uh huh, so, if this is your friend's server, and he gave you root, why hide the history?
<TiggyOFF> someone's being a dick, that's why
<Denilson> because he will get mad
<Denilson> for God's name
<siglite> TiggyOFF: I think our friend here's gonna get a shovel shoved up his ass.
<Denilson> can you help me?
<siglite> Denilson: well, then, you shouldn't have been fucking around on your friend's machine should you?
<Denilson> yes i know
<Denilson> but i'm so stupid
<Denilson> ufff
<siglite> Denilson: no arguments here.
<Denilson> i shouldn't do this
<Denilson> so..pls guys
<Denilson> is there any chance?
<Denilson> for me?
--- siglite sets ban on *!*Denilson@81.196.130.*
<-- siglite has kicked Denilson from #linux (when your friend kicks your ass, you deserve it.)

--> Mascatu> ( has joined #linux
<Mascatu> Shadur give me acces
<Shadur> Mascatu: Access to what?
<Mascatu> on channel
<Mascatu> :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Shadur> Mascatu: You're accessing the channel right now, what are you talking about?
<Mascatu> by X
<Mascatu> acces
<Mascatu> that
<Shadur> You *have* access. You're in the channel, aren't you?
<Shadur> Sirene: No way, he can't actually believe I'm that stupid.
<Mascatu> a channel
<Mascatu> on channel acces to op me on a channel
<Shadur> Mascatu: You want ops on #linux?
<Mascatu> yes
<Shadur> Would you mind explaining in detail just why you believe we would be stupid enough to give that to you just because you ask?
<Mascatu> :>>>>>>>>
<Shadur> Mascatu: That wasn't actually a joke. And failing to answer satisfactorily means I'm going to ban you for a week or two.
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Mascatu> give me that acces on #linux
<Shadur> Mascatu: Why should I?
<Mascatu> Shadur acces by user
<Shadur> Mascatu: I know what you're asking for. I'm curious as to why you seem to believe that I should give it to you.
<Shadur> Believe so strongly enough, even, to actually *demand* it rather than asking and using the magic "p" word.
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Mascatu> you are the operator og this channel
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Mascatu> you are the operator og this channel
<Shadur> Mascatu: I'm one of the chanops, yes.
<Shadur> And I already know I'm *capable* of doing what you ask. I'm wanting to know why you think I should be *willing* to do so.
<Apollo-> Mascatu: You're a disgrace to humanity
<Shadur> Apollo-: He's Romanian, so we knew that already
<jeremyb> mascatu>>where are you from?
<Mascatu> romania
<ataX-> hahah
<Mascatu> i want to be operator on channel #linux
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Shadur> Mascatu: I had already surmised that that was why you asked, yes. That still doesn't give me a reason why I should give it to you.
<Mascatu> i want to be operator on channel #linux
<Mascatu> you give me that acces to be operator on the channel
<Mascatu> Shadur
<Mascatu> you give me that acces to be operator on the channel
<Shadur> Mascatu: I'll ask you one more time: *WHY* should I?
<Mascatu> you give me that acces to be operator on the channel
--- HellHound sets ban on *!*scatu_2@*
<-- HellHound has kicked Mascatu from #linux (Just cause someone wants it so)
<Shadur> Mascatu: I don't see any reason why I should, and you won't give me a reason, so I'm not going to.
--- Shadur removes ban on *!*scatu_2@*
--> Mascatu ( has joined #linux
--- HellHound sets ban on *!*scatu_2@*
<-- HellHound has kicked Mascatu from #linux (banned: Just cause someone wants it so)
--> latexsuit ( has joined #linux
<latexsuit> hi..:) im 21/m.. any girl here want to control my pc, and make me slave? i have autoaccept on, please, send me a trojan file or something, and use and abuse my pc, control my pc completely, and let me serve you? my ip is msg me, please?
<pairo> latexsuit: Are you for real?
<-- X has kicked latexsuit from #linux ((whitecap) uhh, wrong channel)
--> latexsuit ( has joined #linux
<latexsuit> yes, im for real..
<-- X has kicked latexsuit from #linux ((whitecap) bounce)
--> latexsuit ( has joined #linux
--- Coma sets ban on *!*
<-- Coma has kicked latexsuit from #linux (#*hack* affiliations)
<pairo> 10:00 [UnderNet] [latexsuit(] yes, i am.. i love to be under a girls control, and want to be held as a slave even on th einternet..:) asl?
<pairo> 10:00 [UnderNet] [msg(latexsuit)] you want to have hot netsex?
<pairo> 10:02 [UnderNet] [latexsuit(] yes..:) i want to be punished 4 real, to be remote controlled, and severely punished to make me obey..:) can i be your slave? asl?
<pairo> 10:03 [UnderNet] [latexsuit(] are you there, mistress?

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