Research Experience

Jean Liu - University of Toronto

With many thanks to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and three incredible and inspirational professors at the University of Toronto, Iíve had the privilege to work as an undergraduate research student in three research groups, studying isotope geochemistry, sea level rise, and computational geophysics.

Jean Liu, University of Toronto, 2010

NSERC Summer Research Student / Undergraduate Research Student

Russell Pysklywec, Department of Geology, University of Toronto


Investigating the potential involvement of mantle plumes and magmatic intrusions in the rifting of a supercontinent.

Running 3-dimensional Lagrangian finite difference models with elasto-visco-plastic rheologies to explore the plausibility of our theses.


May 2010 to present



NSERC Summer Research Student

Jerry X. Mitrovica, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Harvard University


Studied one- and two-dimensional models of sea level rise.

Models consider not only meltwater volume, but also the response of the rebounding earth on global distribution patterns.

Compared and contrasted present models with geological data and coral proxies from literature.

May 2009 to

September 2009


NSERC Summer Research Student

Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Stable Isotopes Laboratory, University of Toronto


Studied the degradation of suspected carcinogens and groundwater pollutants cis-dichloroethene (cDCE) and perchloroethene (PCE) by aerobic and anaerobic microcosms.

Worked to characterize degradation through laboratory experiments using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) and Gas Chromatography (GC).

May 2008 to

December 2008

Quality Control Laboratory Support (Summer Student)

Genpharm Incorporated


Shadowed in the Quality Control laboratory, learning various quality control evaluation methods.

Created templates for Certificates of Analysis, Analytical Reports, and Method Protocols.

Developed laboratory, organizational, and business skills through various projects and tasks including the disposal of tested samples, high potency products, and laboratory waste, helping to manage and organize a special project, and trending QC Lab data and efficiency.

May 2007

to August 2007