Jen Perry    

I study evolutionary conflicts of interest and their resolution. Currently, I work on how sexually antagonistic coevolution shapes reproductive investment and gene expression in fruit flies, mating behaviour in ladybird beetles, and sexual morphology in water striders. Past studies have investigated parental care, parent-offspring conflict and sibling rivalry.

I am currently a junior research fellow with Jesus College at the University of Oxford. I work in the Edward Grey Institute


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Mank lab in evolutionary genetics

Edward Grey Institute at the University of Oxford

Rowe lab in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Roitberg lab at Simon Fraser U

University of Alberta



Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

British Ecological Society

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

The Genetics Society

Entomological Society of Ontario

Entomological Society of B.C.

Entomological Society of Canada




Guy Newton Junior Research Fellow

Jesus College

Department of Zoology

University of Oxford

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