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This year, in collaboration with Dr. Jill Averil-Keen of the University of Minnesota and Mary Dzon of University of Toronto, I have organized two conference sessions in honour of A.G. Rigg, the first for the Annual General Meeting of the Medieval Acadamy of America in April 2003, the second for Kalamazoo, May 2003. David Townsend, Professor of Medieval Literature at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, will preside at Kalamazoo. Elizabeth Dachowski, Associate Professor of History, Tennessee State University, will preside at the MAA.

About A.G. Rigg:

George Rigg was born in Wigan, England and received his doctorate from Merton College, Oxford, where he began his teaching career as Lecturer in the English Language. After two years as Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Stanford University,1966-68, he came to the University of Toronto. He established the Latin program at the Centre for Medieval Studies and has been maintaining the standard there ever since.

George officially retired June 2002 but he is still teaching and otherwise actively involved in the Latin and Editing programs at the Centre for Medieval Studies. George has a very long list of publications. In addition to numerous translations, reviews, contributions to books, and videotapes (the latest article is on "Historical Fiction in Walter Map" in Scripturus vitam. Festgabe fur Walter Bershchin, ed. D. Walz. Heidelberg, 2002) he has written the following books:

A Book of British Kings 1200BC-1399AD, Toronto Medieval Latin Texts 26 (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2000), pp.vii + 112.

(with F.A.C. Mantello) Medieval Latin: An introduction and bibliographical guide (Catholic Univ. of America Press, 1996), pp.xiv + 774. Reprinted 1999.

(with T. McGee, D. Klausner) Singing Early Music: the pronunciation of European Languages in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance (Indiana UP, 1996), pp. xviii + 299).

A History of Anglo-Latin Literature 1066-1422 (Cambridge UP: Cambridge, 1992), pp. xviii + 414.

Gawain on Marriage: the textual tradition of the De coniuge non ducenda, with a critical edition and translation, Studies and Texts 79 (Pontifical Institue of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, 1986) 104 pp.

(with Charlotte Brewer) William Langland: Piers Plowman, the Z-version. Studies and Texts 59 (Pontifical Institue of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, 19863) pp. x + 137.

The Poems of Walter of Wimborne, O.F.M., Studies and Texts 42 (Pontifical Institue of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, 1978) pp. 349.

Editing Medieval Texts (English, French & Latin Written in England (Garland: N.Y. and London, 1977) pp. viii + 128.

The English Language: A Historical Reader New York: Appleton-Century-Croft, 1968) pp. xvi + 224. Translated into Japanese, 1974.

A Glastonbury Miscellany of the Fifteenth Century: a descriptive Index of Trinity College, Cambridge, MS 0.9.38 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968) pp. viii + 161.


Medieval Academy of America: April 2003

The sessions at the MAA AGM will focus on Walter of Wimborne, a poet and schoolteacher whose works George discovered strewn across several centuries and gathered together into one edition, clearly identifying his characteristic style and themes.

Anglo-Latin Grammar-School Education, In Honor of A. G. Rigg.
Presider: Elizabeth E. Dachowski, Tennessee

Jenifer Sutherland. Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Canada.
"Walter of Winborne: Confessions of a Schoolboy's Whip."

Mary Dzon. Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Canada.
"The Impish Christ-Child in Walter of Wimborne."

Jill Averil Keen. Center for Medieval Studies, University of Minnesota.
"Walter and His Boys: Evidence for a Thirteenth-Century School at Wimborne


Kalamazoo: May 2003

This session seeks to represent a broader range of George's interest in Anglo-Latin education.

Anglo-Latin Education in Honor of A.G. Rigg

Presider: David Townsend, Professor, University of Toronto

Paper Title #1: "Lessons from the Past" the Context of the Latin Works of Bodley 3443
Presenter: Aidan Conti, Graduate Student, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

Paper Title #2: "To the boys whose whip I am: the dedications of Walter of Wimborne"
Presenter: Jenifer Sutherland, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University.

Paper Title #3: "The opus geminatum as curriculum text: glosses to Bede’s Lives of Cuthbert"
Presenter: Carin Ruff, Professor, John Caroll University, Ohio


Leeds: July 2003