Jenifer Sutherland


I. Personal

Canadian citizen

II. Education

Ph.D in Medieval Literature, University of Toronto;

Dissertation (defended June 2002):
“The Inexpressible Self: Biblical Autobiography in the Poetry of Walter of Wimborne and The Book of Margery Kempe.”
Supervisor: A.G. Rigg

M.A. Medieval Studies, University of Toronto; 1998

B.Ed Dramatic Arts Specialist; 1981

B.Ed English Specialist, ESL; 1978

B.A. Honours English, University of Toronto; 1977

III. Languages

Competent in French, Latin, Middle English, Old French

Reading knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish, Anglo-Saxon

IV. Awards and Honours

SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2002-2003:
mentor, Nicholas Watson (Harvard University)

Offered Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities 2002-2003 at the University of Toronto

SSHRC Scholarship; 1999-2002

Ontario Graduate Scholarship; 1998-99

University of Toronto Open Fellowship; 1997-98

Winner of the EVENT Creative Essay Competition; 1995

CBC/Saturday Night Literary Competition finalist; 1994

Nominated for Actra for Best Writer: Documentary/Public Affairs; 1992

Journey Prize finalist; 1990

B’Nai Brith Radio Human Rights Award for Radio Documentary; 1985

The Gabriel Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting (USA); 1985

The Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting (USA); 1985

Lawrence K. Shook Scholarship for Graduate Studies in English Literature (University of Toronto); offered, 1977


V. Research

Academic Publications:

Awaiting publication: “Rhyming Patterns and Structures of Meaning in the Stanzaic Morte Arthur”: Arthuriana

“Amplifications of the Virgin: Play and Empowerment in Walter of Wimborne’s Marie Carmina”
(in Virginity Revisited, edited by Bonnie McLaughlin, Manchester UP)

SSHRC Postdoctoral Project:
“Absent God, Present Self: medieval narrative strategies for rewriting God’s Word"
For a description see website page titled Research.


Conference papers:

Proposed: Power and Authority: “The grammar of martyrdom: Augustine and Prudentius on classroom punishment”; Leeds, July 2003

Organizer of Session: “Anglo-Latin Grammar-School Education, In Honor of A. G. Rigg.” Paper: "Walter of Winborne: Confessions of a Schoolboy's Whip." Medieval Acadamy of America, April 2003.

Organizer of Session: Anglo-Latin Education in Honor of A.G. Rigg. Paper to be given: "To the boys whose whip I am: the dedications of Walter of Wimborne”; “38th International Congress on Medieval Studies,Kalamazoo, May 2003

“Caring for the spiritually gifted: the struggles and strategies of Margery Kempe’s confessors,” 37th International Congress on Medieval Studies,Kalamazoo, May 2-5, 2002

“Mevynggys and Steringgys: weather and agency in The Book of Margery Kempe”; “Women in Motion”: Graduate Conference, Cornell University, Mar. 1-2, 2002

“The Virgin’s Foot: the poetics of transgression in the Marie Carmina of Walter of Wimborne”; 36th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 3-6, 2001

“On the Road to Canterbury”; presented at 11th Interdisciplinary Feminist Graduate Colloquium, York University, 2000

“Staking Mary’s Claim: three marian encyclopedias of the thirteenth Century”; presented at International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 12-15, 1999

“Return to the Father: incest and national consciousness in Chaucer’s Man of Law’s Tale”; presented at Intersections: Medieval and Postmodern Forms, Theory and Semiotics, at McMaster University, May 28-30, 1999

“The Virgin Bride: Walter of Wimborne’s amplifications of the Virgin Mary”; presented at Virginity Revisited: Ancient and Modern Configurations of Sexual Renunciation, at University of Western Ontario, Oct. 2-4, 1998

“Mary’s Measure: physical purity and the frame of The King of Tars”; presented at Frames and Framing in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Culture, at University of Western Ontario, Mar 6-7, 1998

(For further details see website page titled Conferences)

VI. Teaching

Chaucer: sessional instructor, Department of English, University of Toronto, 2002-2003

Chaucer: TA for Prof. Will Robins, summer 2002

Major British Writers: TA for Prof. A.M. Leggatt, 2001-2002

Short Story Collection: TA for Prof. W.D. Shaw, summer 2001

Narrative: TA for Prof. Deborah Esch, 2000-2001

Teacher of English, Dramatic Arts, and ESL for the Toronto Board of Education: contract and long-term occasional positions in secondary schools across Toronto, 1978-97

VII. Other Writing

Poems, short stories and essays:

In various publications, 1982-2001


“Beauty and the Beast of the Oracle”; original play, produced by Young People’s Theatre, Toronto, 1992

CBC Radio Productions:

“Public Spaces”; documentary, aired on Ideas(I hr), 1996

“The One About Coyote”; dramatization of story by Thomas King: Stereo Drama (I hr), 1996

“The Famished Road”; dramatization of Ben Okri’s novel, aired on Stereo Drama (2 hrs), 1994

“Seder”; original drama, aired on Morningside Drama (1 hr), 1994

“One with a Master”; original drama, aired on Morningside Drama (1 hr), 1994

“Corner Store Jenny”; original drama, aired on Morningside Drama (1 hr), 1994

“Mama My Mountain”; original drama, aired on Morningside Drama (1 hr), 1993

“July’s People”; dramatization of Nadine Gordimer’s novel, aired on Stereo Drama (1 hr), 1992

“Grant House: Women and Addiction”; documentary, aired on Ideas (2 hrs), 1992

“Night: a reflection on women and violence”; documentary, aired on Ideas (1 hr), 1991

“An Athabasca Story: Alberta’s pioneer black settlers”; documentary, aired on Ideas (1 hr), 1990

“Swimming Lessons”; dramatization of Rohinton Mistry’s stories; aired on Stereo Drama (1 hr), 1990

“Night Travellers”; dramatization of Sandra Birdsell’s stories; aired on Morningside Drama, 1989

“To Endure and Bear Witness: Anna Akhmatova, Soviet poet and dissident”; documentary, aired on Ideas (2 hrs), 1989

“Wasteland Gardens: the Japanese Canadian internment and dispersal”; aired on Ideas (2 hrs), 1988

“The Tomorrow Tamer”; dramatization of Margaret Laurence’s stories; aired on Morningside Drama (1.5 hrs), 1988

“Lives Together, Worlds Apart: interracial marriage”; documentary, aired on Ideas (1 hr), 1987

“Family Circles: one family’s experience of schizophrenia”; documentary, aired on Ideas (2 hrs), 1985