Jonathan D. Hall
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
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Contact Information:

Office: Max Gluskin House, Room 356
Phone: 416.978.5110
Fax: 416.978.6713
Mail: Department of Economics
University of Toronto
150 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G7

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers:

"Technological Change and Obsolete Skills: Evidence from Men's Professional Tennis" (with Ian Fillmore)

"Improving Structural Models of Congestion"

"Can Tolling Help Everyone? Estimating the Aggregate and Distributional Consequences of Congestion Pricing" (revisions requested by the Journal of the European Economic Association)
     Online appendix

"Anticipatory Pricing to Manage Flow Breakdown" (with Ian Savage) (revisions requested by the Journal of Urban Economics)

Published Papers:

"Is Uber a Complement or Substitute with Public Transit?" (with Craig Palsson and Joseph Price). Journal of Urban Economics. 108: 36-50. 2018.
    Published version | Replication files

"Pareto Improvements from Lexus Lanes: The Effects of Pricing a Portion of the Lanes on Congested Highways." Journal of Public Economics. 158: 113-125. 2018.
    Published version | Online appendix | Replication files

"A Semi-Analytical Approach for Solving the Bottleneck Model with General User Heterogeneity" (with Yang Liu and Marco Nie). Transportation Research: Part B. 71: 56-70. 2015.
    Published version

Last updated: 20 November 2018