Final Report of the Task Force on University of Toronto Radio


University of Toronto

J. Robert S. Prichard,
May 3, 1999
Memorandum to: University Community
From: J. Robert S. Prichard
Re: Campus Radio: CIUT

I am releasing today the Report of the Task Force on University of Toronto Radio which was prepared by its co-chairs, Chris Ramsaroop and Margaret Hancock, and its Secretary, Jim Delaney. The Report is a remarkably thorough document reflecting an intense effort by the members of the Task Force. The Report proposes a course for the future which is intended to avoid the recurring crises which have plagued the past and strengthen the role of CIUT on campus and in the community at large.

I welcome comments on the Report and its 64 specific recommendations. However, any submission should be made promptly. We must address a number of issues as a matter of urgency. Please send your comments c/o Jim Delaney (Student Affairs Office, 214 College Street, Suite 307; e-mail:, not later than May 20, 1999.

Simcoe Hall 27 King's College Circle Toronto Canada M5S 1A1 Telephone 416 / 978-2121 Fax 416 / 971-1360


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This is the Final Report of the Task Force on University of Toronto Radio. The report is available on-line in Adobe Acrobat format (which can be viewed and printed on your own computer). Hard copies of the Report are available in the Office of Student Affairs.


A very large web version of the report is available here.
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For more information about CIUT-FM, University of Toronto Community Radio, visit the CIUT web site.


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