Available Drafts

(email me for a draft of any of these papers)

  • "Extended Agency and the Problem of Diachronic Autonomy"
    (with Sergio Tenenbaum)
  • "Consumer Choice and Collective Impact"
    (forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics)


  • "How You Can Help, Without Making a Difference". Philosophical Studies, First Online November 28, 2016, DOI 10.1007/s11098-016-0808-y
    ▪▪ Published Version
    ▪▪ Online Version (Read-Only)
  • "Fairness, Participation and the Real Problem of Collective Harm", Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume 5. Ed. Mark Timmons. Oxford University Press.
    ▪▪ Published Version
    ▪▪ Penultimate Version
  • "Consequentialism and the Problem of Collective Harm: A Reply to Kagan". Philosophy & Public Affairs, 39 (2011): 364–395
    ▪▪ Published Version