Dr. Scott is interested to supervise research projects of an applied nature, such as those relating to the characterization of microbial communities.  Graduate programs are available at the MPH, MSc or PhD level administered through the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.  Dr. Scott is eligible to supervise students enrolled in graduate programs in the Division of Occupational & Environmental Health who are interested in conducting laboratory-based independent projects or research practica.

Some of the projects currently available at the graduate-level include:

  • Systematics and biology of the fungal genera, Apodus, Cercophora, Podospora, Triangularia, Tripterospora and Zopfiella
  • Fungi associated with the North American porcupine, Erethizon dorsatum
  • A survey of fungi in the family, Ajellomycetaceae (Onygenales), in Ontario soils
  • Biology and taxonomy of coprophilous fungi
  • The role of alcohol vapour in the growth and physiology of whiskey fungi in the genus Baudoinia