History 3551Y/4050Y — Medieval Warfare

Trent University, Fall–Winter, 2010–2011

Instructor: Jonathan Robinson

Below are a collection of readings for our course. In each case, I provide the texts in .pdf form, along with the links to their source. Check back regularly for new posts. (And don't forget to refresh your browser in case you're reading an old version from your browser's history.)

Note: If you have stumbled across this page by accident while doing research for another class, I strongly advise you to use the Source links provided below rather than relying upon the PDFs I have provided!

Syllabus and Course Information

Please note that the syllabus and list of readings may change. All such changes will be announced in class, but should you (against all odds) miss one class, you can compare the revision number of your copy with the most recent one posted here. If they differ, you are advised to download the new version. In practice only the list of readings is likely to change, but it is your responsibility to stay on top of things. Email me if in doubt.

Note the following .zip files are only for the students of this class. Others are encouraged to stay away. The files are password protected; if you missed the classes where I gave out the password, please email me.

Other Important Information

John Wales, one of the librarians at the Oshawa campus has provided instructions on how to place a hold on a Bata Library (Peterborough) item. See here for details.


Here is where you will find some of the individual texts we shall be reading for this course. If you want to know when we will be discussing them in class, please see the `Readings list' above.

More to follow...

Other Resources

Collected here are assorted documents or websites that you may find interesting or useful to look at. You are not expected to read or use any of the documents, but you are certainly encouraged to do so. The list will grow as the year goes on.

General Resources

Warfare Resources and Links

Other Links

I include here links to other online resources pertaining to medieval warfare (broadly construed). I hope that this list grows as well as time goes on.

Websites and Societies

Texts Available Online

(Of course, please remember that just because a text is online, it doesn't mean it's the best version available for scholarly purposes.)