Easter Comparison by Gregorian Dates

YearEquinox *Full Moon *Passover #GregorianOrthodoxUniform
2020Fri, Mar 20 at 06:10Wed, Apr 8 at 04:56Thu, Apr 9Apr 12Apr 19Apr 12
2021Sat, Mar 20 at 11:58Sun, Mar 28 at 21:09Sun, Mar 28Apr 4May 2Apr 4
2022Sun, Mar 20 at 17:54Sat, Apr 16 at 21:16Sat, Apr 16Apr 17Apr 24Apr 17
2023Mon, Mar 20 at 23:45Thu, Apr 6 at 06:56Thu, Apr 6Apr 9Apr 16Apr 9
2024Wed, Mar 20 at 05:27Mon, Mar 25 at 09:21Tue, Apr 23Mar 31May 5Mar 31
2025Thu, Mar 20 at 11:22Sun, Apr 13 at 02:43Sun, Apr 13Apr 20Apr 20Apr 20
2026Fri, Mar 20 at 17:06Thu, Apr 2 at 04:33Thu, Apr 2Apr 5Apr 12Apr 5
2027Sat, Mar 20 at 22:45Mon, Mar 22 at 13:05Thu, Apr 22Mar 28May 2Mar 28
2028Mon, Mar 20 at 04:38Sun, Apr 9 at 12:47Tue, Apr 11Apr 16Apr 16Apr 16
2029Tue, Mar 20 at 10:22Fri, Mar 30 at 04:47Sat, Mar 31Apr 1Apr 8Apr 1
2030Wed, Mar 20 at 16:12Thu, Apr 18 at 05:41Thu, Apr 18Apr 21Apr 28Apr 21
2031Thu, Mar 20 at 22:02Mon, Apr 7 at 19:42Tue, Apr 8Apr 13Apr 13Apr 13
2032Sat, Mar 20 at 03:42Sat, Mar 27 at 03:07Sat, Mar 27Mar 28May 2Mar 28
2033Sun, Mar 20 at 09:43Thu, Apr 14 at 21:38Thu, Apr 14Apr 17Apr 24Apr 17
2034Mon, Mar 20 at 15:38Mon, Apr 3 at 21:40Tue, Apr 4Apr 9Apr 9Apr 9
2035Tue, Mar 20 at 21:24Sat, Mar 24 at 01:03Tue, Apr 24Mar 25Apr 29Mar 25
2036Thu, Mar 20 at 03:23Thu, Apr 10 at 22:43Sat, Apr 12Apr 13Apr 20Apr 13
2037Fri, Mar 20 at 09:10Tue, Mar 31 at 12:14Tue, Mar 31Apr 5Apr 5Apr 5
2038Sat, Mar 20 at 15:01Sun, Mar 21 at 04:30Tue, Apr 20Apr 25Apr 25Mar 28
2039Sun, Mar 20 at 20:53Sat, Apr 9 at 05:14Sat, Apr 9Apr 10Apr 17Apr 10
2040Tue, Mar 20 at 02:32Wed, Mar 28 at 17:32Thu, Mar 29Apr 1May 6Apr 1
2041Wed, Mar 20 at 08:27Tue, Apr 16 at 14:21Tue, Apr 16Apr 21Apr 21Apr 21
2042Thu, Mar 20 at 14:13Sat, Apr 5 at 16:37Sat, Apr 5Apr 6Apr 13Apr 6
2043Fri, Mar 20 at 19:48Wed, Mar 25 at 16:47Sat, Apr 25Mar 29May 3Mar 29
2044Sun, Mar 20 at 01:41Tue, Apr 12 at 12:00Tue, Apr 12Apr 17Apr 24Apr 17

* Equinox and Full Moon adjusted to Jerusalem Local Mean Time = Israel Standard Time + 21 minutes.
# Passover Eve would be on the evening before the date listed for Passover.

Uniform Easter = Sunday after Full Moon after Northward Equinox (World Council of Churches, 1997).

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