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George Eliot - Mill on the Floss Tragic Femininity in the Victorian Context
2003, jef100
Marie de France - Le Lais Fairy Tale Motif in Two Lais. (Zoom)


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Currently studying stellar formation & evolution. My interest is in GRBs (Gamma Ray Bursts).

April 2007
Gravity Probe B Results - Einstein was right!: space and time bend

Jan 2007
A cool image showing how far away stars actually are. Note(when image loads, pause cursor over it to expand)

Sept 2005
Wild!! The furthest-ever observed super-massive gamma-ray burst was observed Sept 6th here.

Another GRB observed at the edge of the known universe: here.

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Come watch the Cosmic Frontiers lecture series and free telescope viewing!

Sept 23rd: Lecture on Dark Energy by Rocky Kolb was great!
It was announced in the lecture that the results from Gravity Probe-B (GP-B) should be available by early 2007 and confirm one of the last predictions of Relativity - Frame Dragging. We'll know soon if a rotating body (Earth) drags spacetime around it. Read more here

i'll get around to posting some photos from our star parties.