3D Shape Rotating Applet

This project draws three-dimensional shapes that can be manipulated in space by translations and rotations. It shows the shapes from the perspective of a camera view point that is located in the centre of the screen at a 1000 pixel distance. The user can select the shapes, one for each quarter of the screen. Three types of shapes are available via seperate tabs in Start Mode. By selecting from 1-4 shapes on each tab, the user select the screen area where the shape will be drawn. Also, at the same time the user can change the properties of the drawing object such as the light source location for each type of shape.

To draw the shapes click on the Transformation Mode tab. Before doing transformations, use the object radio buttons to select which shape to transform.
Use buttons on this tab to do translations, and rotations.

Alternatively, the user can use the keyboard and mouse.
To rotate and translate the shapes, use:
    - arrow keys for translations
    - the keys 'w', 'a', 's', 'd', 'z', 'x' for rotation
    - change the location of the rotation axis by changing the axis point coordinates.
    Use keys 'n' or 'm' to move the shape clockwise or counter-clockwise along this new 3D rotation axis
    - use the mouse to rotate the cube by pressing the mouse and dragging it

To reinitialize the shapes, return to the Start Mode tab. To redraw the shapes again, go to the Transformation Tab.


Last Updated: Friday, August 3, 2012