3D Dodecahedron Fractal Applet

This project draws a three-dimensional dodecahedron that is a fractal with multiple levels. It generates 3D fractals by building dodecehedrons inside dodecehedrons recursively. It shows the dodecahedron from the perspective of a camera view point that is located in the centre of the screen at a 1000 pixel distance.

The user can change the properties of the object, and identify the level of recusion on the toolbar at the top of the screen. For colours, use RGB values. After changing a colour value, press enter while the cursor is in the box to change the colour.

The dodecahedron can be rotated in space by clicking the mouse on it, and dragging.
The highest generated level of recursion (Level 4) does a lot of redrawing. The trick to rotating it is to press and move the mouse SLOWLY. It will follow the mouse.

Last Updated: Friday, August 3, 2012