Keng-Shui dodgeball game

This is Keng-Shui dodgeball game. The game is designed to improve your Keng-Shui skills using a virtual reality.

Be careful and move the stick gently. Otherwise, the consequences can be deadly.

Using the stick try to drive the balls into one of the four corners using as fewer hits as possible.

In order to rotate the stick, use these keys:

If you want to change the direction the ball is going to the opposite direction, run the stick through the ball.

If you want the ball to bounce from the stick, stop moving the stick when the ball comes.

The games has 4 levels. Each level allows only a certain number of hits. If you meet the criteria, you will be asked if you want to advance to the next level.

Also, be aware that with each level you will have more difficulty to finish the game:

By the end of the game you will be nominated for the next Jacky Chan movie, or Matrix.

Last Updated: Friday, August 3, 2012