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Welcome to my personal webspace at the University of Toronto. Its my virtual workshop.


UofT Personal Webspace.
If you're going to study, learn from the masters. This is my first attempt at standards compliant design with css instead of tables. Look familiar? It should. It's Happy Cog dumbed down for beginners (me). Many thanks to Zeldman and Glish whose wonderful work I'll be chewing on for quite a while.
The Philosopher's Toolbox.
My first complete site and the Internet's number one resource for graduate students of philosophy, working on St Thomas Aquinas, on a Macintosh, in Toronto. Version 1.0 - table and font tags with some very jarring colors. Version 2.0 tables and style sheets (for fonts only), and a calmer look. Still useful, especially for Toronto Mac resources. Periodically updated. Put a link to it in you menu bar.
The Philosopher's Toolbox. (Again)
If you loved the toolbox at UofT, then you'll love its exact copy at Rogers. Always make backups. How many times do I have to say this?
A personal weblog for a UofT faculty member. My first foray into the weblogging phenomenon and the concept of Content Management Systems. Why? After you start making webpages, sooner or later you have a lot of web pages. Then sooner or later you find you have a lot of web pages to update. Then sooner or later you ask yourself, isn't there a better way to do this? And sooner or later the heavens respond : Content Management. This was a project to learn how to use Manilla to make a complete website for a UofT faculty member. It was a surprise gift. When the shock subsides, he may even use it. With an eye to that fateful day, gentle reader beware: The views expressed in Pugnax are those of its author (who is not me).
Blogging meets the university megaserver.
Say you want to make webpages, lots and lots of webpages. Because you're a student, and you love to learn. And talk. Talk, talk talk. And the University says, here, have some free space, lots and lots of space. Because all the other universities are doing it. Space, space, space. What do you do? Why, you start smashing around with cheap content management systems and unleash the power of weblogs on an unsuspecting university administration. Watch out Blue Orb awards. The future will be bloggerized.


This site presents a collection of pages designed for educational purposes and recreation. Many thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Costello of glish.com whose work I've taken as my model. Hope this counts as fair use. Any doubts? View the source.
This site is maintained by its author, who is solely responsible for its content.
The author.
Is Kevin Dancy. Thanks for asking.