FI2301 Project Management

Instructor:  Kelly Lyons

Welcome to the FI2301 Project Management course website.  Here you will find links to important information about the course.

There are two separate sections of the same course:

FI 2301 Section 0102 meets Mondays from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. Location BL 319

FI 2301 Section 0101 meets Tuesdays from 9:00am until noon.  Location BL 112

The sections will remain synchronised with the other and will follow the same schedule.  There is one Blackboard course site where information will be shared between the two sections.  Students should be able to access the course from “My Courses” section of their University of Toronto Portal.

Instructor and TA Contact Information:

Instructor: Kelly Lyons

Phone: 416 946 3839


Office location: 45 Willcocks (south east corner with Spadina in the New College Residence) Office #314

Office hours: By appointment via email

TA: Steve Szigeti


Office Hours: By appointment via email

Here are some important links:

·         FI2301 Project Management Syllabus

·         Detailed course outline

·         Practising Project Management Principles

·         What I expect in papers and reports

·         Additional Resources (Readings)


Many people have been asking questions. Here are some:

I noticed that FIS2301 is listed twice each week (Monday at 6:30pm and Tuesday at 9:00am). Are these two separate sections of the same course or one class that meets twice a week?

These are two separate sections of the same course.

Is the coursework more project-based or research-oriented?

I intend the coursework to be quite varied such that the projects and assignments can draw on a students' past experiences and future goals. There will be opportunities to engage in some research as part of the course as well as learning through more hands-on methods about projects and project management. Students will not be implementing a project as part of the course but will be studying project management concepts in relation to a specific project.

What topics will the course cover?

See the Course Syllabus for this information

Will this course count towards PDUs (Professional Development Units) or the education requirement for the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) or PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification?

The course is targetted towards general project management education for graduate students in the Faculty of Information from a variety of backgrounds who will be going on to work on and manage projects (and by contrast engage in operational work) in a variety of future careers. I have no plans to formally target any of the contents towards future certification.

I received the following information from Project Management Institute (PMI). Therefore, it appears as if the contents of the course will determine if it qualifies and it is up to the student to verify and document the course contents towards qualification. I will teach contents that make sense for graduate students in the Faculty of Information but based on the response I received from PMI, I fully expect that the course contents will sufficiently address the learning objectives in project management; thus, counting towards the educational requirements.

Previously, I had answered that I would not compromise my general teaching philosophy nor the quality of the graduate level course work expected in the Faculty of Information program and this point still stands.