General Expectations:

Grading Guidelines: For all work in my courses, I will be following the Faculty of Information grading system here. You will notice that a B+ or B is a good mark!

Late Policy: An assignment which has not been submitted by the specified on the due date (as indicated by its Sakai time stamp) will be subject to a penalty of 10% of its value immediately, and to an additional penalty of 2% of its value at midnight on each day thereafter that it remains outstanding.

Participation and Attendance:  Classroom discussion and interaction is an important way to learn. Sharing your experiences and ideas with your classmates is central to your learning experience in this course.  As such, it is expected that you will attend and participate in every class to the extent that is possible.  There will be exercises and discussions that you will participate in during class in groups and on-line.  It is especially important that you make every attempt to attend when we have guest lecturers.   Each class will start on time. I will be on time and expect everyone else to make their best effort to arrive on time as well.

Academic Integrity:  Your conduct as a University of Toronto student is covered in detail here. Acting with integrity and respect for an individual’s rights and ideas is not only required in your academic career but will be essential to success in your future career and life interactions.  In particular, it is critical to learn how to cite others’ work properly in academic writing and publications and to give appropriate credit.

Students with Special Needs or Health Considerations:  All students are welcome in this course and I will make every effort to ensure a meaningful, respectful and positive learning experience for everyone. If there are special considerations that you require to help you successfully fulfill the requirements of the course, please feel free to see me, the Faculty of Information Student Services, and /or contact the Accessibility Student Office as soon as possible so we can ensure you are able to successfully meet the learning objectives for this course.  The Accessibility Services staff are available by appointment where they will assess specific needs, provide referrals and arrange appropriate accommodations.