INF1343 Introduction to Database Modelling and Database Design


References to the relevant portions of the texts for readings are shown in square brackets:

DM-DO = Data Management: Databases and Organizations

MIR = Modern Information Retrieval

TUT = There will be tutorials available on Blackboard that should be completed prior to the lab


NOTE: Additional guest lecturers maybe included as we currently work out schedules of these busy individuals.


Week 1: Jan 4

Introduction: DBs, DBMSs, and DB Design [DM-DO Ch 1, 2]


Week 2: Jan 11

Data Modelling: The ER Model [DM-DO Ch 3, 4, 5, 6]

Additional Readings:

         Chilton, Michael A., McHaney, R., Chae, B. 2006. Data Modeling Education: The Changing Technology, Journal of Information Systems Education, Spring 2006, 17(1), 17-20.

         Watson, R. T. 2006. The Essential Skills of Data Modeling, Journal of Information Systems Education, Spring 2006, 17(1), 39-41.


Week 3: Jan 18

LAB I: Database Modelling and Definition [TUT 1]


Week 4: Jan 25

More Data Modelling [DM-DO Ch 7]

Functional Dependencies & Normal Forms [DM-DO Ch 8]

Relational Operations and DB Queries [DM-DO Ch 9]


Week 5: Feb 1


Database Definition & Some Simple Queries [TUT 2]


Week 6: Feb 8

Physical Data Management [DM-DO Ch 11]

DBMS Application Architectures [DM-DO Ch 12]

Object-Oriented & Object-Relational DBMSs [DM-DO Ch 13]


Guest Lecturer:

Nancy Isozaki, Manager, Solutions & Information, Architecture, Information & Technology, Division, City of Toronto will present "Modeling City Services: The Municipal Reference Model"


A1 Due Mon, Feb 8 9am


Feb 15 Reading Week, no class


Week 7: Feb 22

LAB III: Database Queries [TUT 3]


Week 8: Mar 1

Text Databases & Information Retrieval [MIR Ch 2, 3, 7, 8]

XML and the Web [DM-DO 16, 18]

Week 9: Mar 8

LAB IV: Database Queries and Reports [TUT 4]


A2 Due Mon, Mar 8, 9am

Week 10: Mar 15

SQL and Java [DM-DO Ch 17]

DBMS Security & Administration [DM-DO Ch 20]


Guest Lecturer:

Walid Rjaibi, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, DB2 Security Architect


Week 11: Mar 22

Lab V: More Database Queries and Reports [TUT 5]


Week 12: Mar 29

OLAP: Data Warehousing and Data Mining [DM-DO Ch 15]

OLTP: Concurrency Control, Logging, Recovery [DM-DO Ch 19]


Guest Lecturer:

Andy Main, Solution Advisor, Business Intelligence Products, SAP Canada

OLAP Analysis and Visualization

A3 Due Mon, Mar 29, 9am


Week 13: Apr 5

Final Exam in Class