My research has been exploring the interface between phonology and phonetics focusing on a range of phonological phenomena (palatalization, assimilation, etc.) and their phonetic correlates or sources (coarticulation, misperception, etc.). I have worked with a number of languages (Russian, Komi-Permyak, Japanese, Kannada, Korean) and employed various experimental methods, including articulography, electropalatography, ultrasound, acoustic analysis, and perceptual experiments.

For more information, please see my profiles at Google Scholar, Research Gate, and Selected Works.


Selected recent publications:

  • Ozburn, Avery & Alexei Kochetov. (in press). Lezgian ejective harmony. Phonology 35(3). 32 pp.
  • Spinu, Laura, Alexei Kochetov, & Jason Lilley. 2018. Acoustic classification of Russian plain and palatalized sibilant fricatives: Spectral vs. cepstral measures. Speech Communication 100. pp. 41-50. [doi link]
  • Steele, Jeffrey, Laura Colantoni, & Alexei Kochetov. 2018. Gradient assimilation in French cross-word /n/+velar stop sequences. Journal of International Phonetic Association. pp. 1-22. [doi link]
  • Kochetov, Alexei. 2018. Linguopalatal contact contrasts in the production of Japanese consonants: EPG data from five speakers. Acoustical Science and Technology (Japan), 39(2), a special issue on Speech Communication. 84-91. [doi link]
  • Tabain, Marija & Alexei Kochetov. 2018. Acoustic realization and inventory size: Kannada and Malayalam alveolar/retroflex laterals and /ɻ/. Phonetica 75. 85–109. [doi link]
  • Pouplier, Marianne, Stefania Marin, & Alexei Kochetov. 2017. The difficulty of articulatory complexity (commentary). Cognitive Neuropsychology. 34(7/8), 472-475. [doi link]
  • Alderete, John & Alexei Kochetov. 2017. Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar: The case of expressive palatalization. Language 93(4). 731-766. [doi link]
  • Pouplier, Marianne, Stefania Marin, Philip Hoole, & Alexei Kochetov. 2017. Speech rate effects in Russian onset clusters are modulated by frequency, but not auditory cue robustness. Journal of Phonetics, 64. 108-126.
  • Kochetov, Alexei. 2017. Acoustics of Russian voiceless sibilant fricatives. Journal of International Phonetic Association. 1–28. [doi link]
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  • Kochetov, Alexei. 2016. Palatalization and glide strengthening as competing repair strategies: Evidence from Kirundi. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 1(1) 14. 1–31. [doi link]
  • Kochetov, Alexei & N. Sreedevi. 2016. Articulation and acoustics of Kannada affricates: A case of geminate /ʧ/. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 30(3-5). 202-226. [doi link]
  • Howson, Phil, Alexei Kochetov, & Pascal van Lieshout. 2015. Examination of the grooving patterns of the Czech trill-fricative. Journal of Phonetics, 49. 117-129.
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  • Kochetov, Alexei, N. Sreedevi, Midula Kasim, & R. Manjula. 2014. Spatial and dynamic aspects of retroflex production: An ultrasound and EMA study of Kannada geminate stops. Journal of Phonetics, 46. 11-42.

For copies of these and other papers, please visit my Research Gate and SelectedWorks pages.

Phonetics Lab

I am the Director of the Phonetics Lab, which is located on the ground floor of Sidney Smith. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for audio recording, acoustic analysis, articulatory data collection (electropalatography, ultrasound, electroglottography, electromagnetic articulography), and perceptual experiments.


Since 2007, I have taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses, mainly in phonetics and phonology, but also in historical linguistics and general linguistics. Here are some of the courses:

  • LIN100 Introduction to Linguistics
  • TBB199 Analyzing speech sounds
  • LIN228 Phonetics
  • LIN229 Sound Patterns
  • LIN362/1162 Historical Linguistics
  • LIN423/1127 Phonetic Analysis
  • LIN1211 Advanced Phonetics (graduate)
  • LIN1224 Advanced Phonology (graduate)


  • Prof. Alexei Kochetov
  • Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto
  • 100 St. George Street, Rm. 4076,
  • Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G3, Canada
  • E-mail: al.kochetov<at>