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University of Toronto Piano Pedagogy Program

This program offers a unique learning environment for beginner (age 6+), elementary, intermediate, and advanced piano students in a combination of group and private lessons. This approach to piano study supplements the traditional private lesson format with a weekly or monthly group class. Children learn piano concepts in a social setting through:

  • ear training
  • singing
  • solfege
  • rhythm work
  • movement
  • games
  • ensembles and duets
  • performance
  • technique
  • theory
  • improvisation
  • composition
An individualized repertoire and technique curriculum will be designed for each child based on their specific development level and interests.

Too young to participate? Our program also offers The Early Childhood Musicianship Class for youngsters age 3-5. Through movements, singing, improvisations, and instrument-play students learn songs, rhymes, and games base on the Orff, Kodály, and Dalcroze method. In cultivating musicianship and strengthening cognitive and bodily developments our goal is to prepare the students to transition smoothly into the beginner piano class.

The Children's Piano Pedagogy Program serves a dual purpose: in addition to creating a well-rounded musical experience for children, the program provides graduate students with the opportunity to teach both group and private lessons within a supervised setting.

Classes for the 2017-2018 school year start late September. For further information and to book an assessment interview in late August or early September please contact::
Charles Lin


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