doctor of musical arts in performance: pedagogy option


The DMA in Performance (Piano Pedagogy) at the University of Toronto continues to focus on the highest levels of performance artistry, while offering further seminar and practicum coursework at various levels of teaching and pedagogy research. The purpose of this degree is to prepare candidates for the competitive field of university level teaching and performing. DMA students interested in participating in the DMA pedagogy coursework will be expected to complete the following pre-requisites: MUS 4270H/4271H and 4272H/4273H (SEE Masters of Music Coursework).


MUS 4270 and MUS 4272 are SEMINAR courses, therefore may be counted towards DMA seminar credits.


MUS 4820H


DMA Practicum in Masterclass Teaching




DMA students will observe the undergraduate Wednesday night Piano Performance master-class with Parker, Orlov, Sicsic). Separate master-class teaching scenarios will be created for the DMA students to gain practical experience in this setting (working with middle and high school piano students from the GTA). Master-class teaching scenarios will be video recorded and discussed with the supervising instructor (M. Koga). A reflective research paper will be due at the end of the term.


MUS 4821H


DMA Seminar in Undergraduate Piano Pedagogy Curriculum Development


0.5 SEMINAR course will count towards DMA seminar credits. This course will explore issues and objectives in undergraduate piano pedagogy curriculum development. DMA students will observe and assist in the undergraduate piano pedagogy course PMU 260 (taught by M. Koga), will review the current course curriculum, and develop syllabi, course outline/schedules, and sample lesson plans.

MUS 4822H


DMA Practicum and Seminar in Piano Studio Teaching at the University level


0.5 practicum and seminar course will count towards DMA seminar credits. DMA students will be mentored in part by their own studio teachers. They will observe a weekly lesson given by their studio teacher working with a 1st or 2nd year performance major. Four times each semester, the DMA student will (at the request of the main studio professor) work with/coach the 1st or 2nd year student in a private session, scheduled at a separate time from their regular weekly lessons. These coachings, given by the DMA student, will be video recorded and reviewed/discussed with the pedagogy instructor (M. Koga). A reflective paper will be due at the end of the year. A one-hour oral examination will be conducted by the studio teacher and pedagogy instructor to discuss various aspects of the private-lesson scenarios experienced by the DMA candidate throughout the year.