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My name is Shayekh Arjan Amit. I am an Industrial Engineering Student at University of Toronto. Software Development is my passion. Recently, I have acquired an interest for web development. Acting on that impulse, I started learning HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. The outcome of learning all these is this website.


Below, you will be able to find about my education and work experiences. If you like what you see and want to know about me then you can contact me below! Maybe you would like to hire me or just have a chat, either way, I look forward to hearing from you.


Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

University of Toronto


  • Programming: C, C++, Java, MATLAB, OpenCV Graphics Library, Kinect SDK Library, Allegro Library, Python, HTML, JavaScript, MS Visio, R;
  • Applications: UNIX Terminal, Vim, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Xcode, Subversion, Sandvox, github, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS SQL;
  • Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX Distributions, Mac; 
  • Process Analysis and Optimization: Ampl, Gurobi, Minitab; 
  • Algorithm analysis and optimization using Big O Notation, Hash Tables, Linked Lists, Trees, and other data structures;


Team Member                                                                

Psychology for Engineers Lab Work & Experimental Research Paper,

University of Toronto      

September 2012 - December 2012


  • Collaborated with 3 team members on weekly lab assignments
  • Participated in Cognitive Psychological Lab Experiments, analyzed data using Minitab, and answered questions pertaining to various psychology topics
  • Wrote a 5000-word research paper on a group-generated thesis 

Team Member                                                                    

Engineering Economics & Accounting Course Work,

University of Toronto    

September 2012 - December 2012


  • Collaborated with 2 team members on weekly assignments
  • Analyzed financial documents, spreadsheets, and graphs
  • Used basic accounting principles to solve problem sets

Team Member                                                                     

Shoe Production Optimization Project (Operations Research),

University of Toronto            

November 2012  


  • Cooperated with another team member to carry out optimization project
  • Constructed a mathematical model to identify the optimal number of shoe production by using Deterministic Operational Research theories e.g. Linear and Integer programming;
  • Optimized the mathematical model using Ampl, Gurobi, Java, SQL by reading the database from the given MS Access database file to and show the optimal number of shoe production.
  • Collected Sensitivity Analysis Report to help make decisions for optimal shoe production 

Research Assistant (under Dr. Goldie Nejat and Derek McColl) ;        

Autonomous Systems and Biomechatronics Lab (http://asblab.mie.utoronto.ca), 

University of Toronto

May 2012 – August. 2012


  • Developed a software in using Microsoft Kinect SDK and OpenCV in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to complement a socially assistive robot’s ability to interact with humans
  • Created a C++ program that used the Kinect camera to recognize skin and render 2D and 3D simulations on a console
  • Developed a Matlab program that can perform analysis on the detected skin regions and outputs the area of a skin selection, distance of the selection from the camera, among other functions
  • Collaborated on a team with engineering students from varying disciplines under a PhD student to produce a cohesive output

Teaching Assistant                                                                                

DEEP Summer Academy,

University of Toronto

July 2012


  • Introduced high school level students to various math, programming and logic concepts. 
  • Aided in the teaching of the following courses:

Discrete Mathematics ( Basic’s of Discrete Mathematics and Digital Logic ),                 Game Programming Fundamentals ( used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Allegro library for creating 2D shooting/arcade games ),  Control System and Wireless Robot Design ( used Arduino board and C language to program a car to move using both serial cable and bluetooth controller )

  • Organized “a design week” and assisted the students in their design projects

Electrical Engineering Representative (Volunteer)                                

Friends of Design ( Prof. Khoman Phang ), 

University of Toronto 


April. 2012 

  • Aided in the organization of the design fair to showcase the capstone projects of final year Electrical and Computer Engineering students.
  • Interviewed the design teams about their projects 
  • Videotaped and captured pictures of the design event to promote it
  • Managed a budget allocated for the event by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty and allocated resources in a cost-effective manner.
  • Assisted with doing the final strokes of several design projects, and setting up these projects

Engineering Counselor                                                        

Engineering Strategies and Practice Project, 

University of Toronto

January 2011 - April 2011


  • Collaborated with 6 team members to design a scheduling tool to manage a hospital’s database server from a remote location that could be seamlessly integrated with existing hospital software.
  • Analyzed their existing system, identified the Problem statement, and mapped out the scope of the project (including but not limited to: the goals, plan, and scheduling the resources using MS Project)
  • Interviewed the stakeholders of the project in order to get a better understanding of the scope of the project
  • Identified and documented the Problem Statement, Functions, Objections, Constraints of the project 
  • Presented the proposed design and alternative design to the client in a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation, to receive feedback and ensure customer satisfaction 





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