Sichuan, 2008

    In March 2008 we conducted a trip to Sichuan province in China to try to record the mating behaviour of Sichuan taimen, Hucho bleekeri.  Political tensions in the Tibetan region of        
    northwest Sichuan, where the last populations of this most endangered fish live, make for us
impossible to reach the river in where our research was planned.  We visited other river known to
   have Sichuan taimen in the past and the results were devastating.  The river alternated hydro electrical stations with unsurmountable dams along its entire length. Between then only
   very little water caudal was running.  This situation seems to be common in China in where uncontrolled development is making the environment to pay a high price.  The situation of Sichuan    taimen, a key species in the evolution of the salmonines, is more than critical.  Urgent protection and management decisions have to be made or this species will go certainly very soon
   completly extincted. 


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