Mariana Valverde

Professor, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto

"How zoning laws can discriminate against Muslims and others"

— Op-ed, Toronto Star (Feb 3, 2017)

"The truth and post-truth about Pride and Black Lives Matter Toronto"

— with Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, (Jan 25, 2017)

Currently, my main research interests are: urban law and governance (historically and in the present), and, at the theoretical level, Foucault, sexuality studies, theories of spatiotemporality, and actor-network theory. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada since 2006, I am the author of six sole-authored books, six co-edited collections, about 50 refereed journal articles, and various research reports and popular publications. I have twice won the Law and Society Association’s Jacob award, its main book prize (see ‘publications’, below).

As of early 2014 my main priority is finishing a book, to be published by Routledge London, entitled “Chronotopes of Law” – a work of social-legal theory showing how Bakhtin’s work on dialogsm and spatiotemporality can be used to overcome legal studies’ current tendency to separate spatial analyses from theorizations of temporality, and in the process wholly neglecting jurisdiction. The book builds on a number of already published theoretical articles but has been written from scratch.

In addition, I am the principal investigator for a SSHRC-funded project, “Planning by contract?” (2013-1016). The project illuminates how legal tools from private law, such as contracts, as well as the governance structures developed for and by public-private partnerships, are changing local and municipal governance. One innovation of this project is that instead of focusing on business-government relations the project studies networks involving organizations that are neither businesses nor governments (e.g. universities, sports bodies, and other nonprofits), networks for which the term ‘public-private partnership’ is misleading. This project is being carried out together with Prof. Aaron Moore, an urban political scientist, Prof. Sue Bunce (a planning scholar), and Prof. Fleur Johns in Sydney, our transnational financing expert.

After completing the chronotopes book in the spring of 2014, I will return to a project currently on the back burner: a historical sociology of urban regulation, mainly in New York City and in London, examining how various legal and policing tactics have been used to draw or reinforce lines separating ‘good’ from ‘bad’ neighbourhoods. This large and ambitious project, begun years ago, relies mainly on already published work, trade journals and government reports. Thus far I have only published one article from this project (“Seeing like a city”, Law and Society Review 2011).

My PhD was in Social and Political Thought, York University (1982), where I continued the love affair with Hegel that started as an undergraduate. My dissertation, on ‘French Romantic socialism and the critique of political economy’, did not lead to any publications, in part because I was then immersed in feminist and gay rights activism. Indeed, my first tenure track job (1988) was in Women’s Studies at Trent. A year after that I became an Associate Professor in the Sociology department at York. Since 1993 I have been a professor at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, serving as Director from 2007 to 2013. At U of T, I was one of the founders of the Sexual Diversity Studies program, and currently have courtesy cross appointments at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Geography and Planning.

In May 2016 I received the Law and Society Association’s most important prize, the Kalven award, in recognition of a long career in “empirical legal studies”. In February 2017 Routledge UK will issue a short book, meant to be used for teaching, simply entitled “Michel Foucault”. This is the first title in a “Key thinkers in criminology series”. It is an accessible account of Foucault’s work and how it can be used for purposes of legal studies and criminological research.

I avoid Facebook and LinkedIn and and SSRN, but I do have a not very active twitter account, @mvalverdeurban, and also have a webpage on the European alternative to, Research Gate (only people who get their own Research Gate accounts can access my webpage there, however).

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M. Valverde, Chronotopes of law: time, space and jurisdiction in legal networks. Under contract, Cavendish/Routledge (London)

M. Valverde, Everyday law on the street: city governance in an age of diversity. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2012. 305 pp. Winner of 2013 Herbert Jacobs book award, Law and Society Association (‘for a major contribution to sociolegal scholarship]

M. Valverde, The force of law. Toronto: Groundwork/House of Anansi Press, 2010. 144 pp. (Popular small-format book). Korean translation, 2011.

M. Valverde, The age of light, soap, and water: moral reform in English Canada 1880s-1920s. Second edition, with new preface (orig. pub. 1991). Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2008.

Markus Dubber and M. Valverde, eds., Police and the Liberal State. Stanford University Press, 2008.

M. Valverde, Law and order: signs, meanings, myths. London: Cavendish/Routledge, 2006.

Markus Dubber and M. Valverde, eds., The new police science: the police power in domestic and international governance. Stanford University Press, 2006.

Peter Goodrich and M. Valverde, eds., Nietzsche and legal theory: half-written laws. New York, Routledge, 2005.

M. Valverde, Law’s dream of a common knowledge. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2003. 248 pp.

M. Valverde, Diseases of the will: alcohol and the dilemmas of freedom. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1998. 251 pp.
- Co-winner of the 2000 Herbert Jacob Biannual Book Prize by the Law and Society Association, “for a major contribution to sociolegal scholarship.”

M. Valverde, L. Macleod and K. Johnson, eds., Wife assault and the Canadian criminal justice system:Issues and policies (Toronto, Centre of Criminology, 1995) 375 pp.

M. Valverde, ed., Studies in moral regulation (Toronto, Centre of Criminology, 1994)
- Book version of special issue of Canadian J. of Sociology

F. Iacovetta and M. Valverde, eds., Gender conflicts: New essays in women’s history (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1992).

M. Valverde, The age of light, soap, and water: moral reform in English Canada 1880s-1920s (Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1991).
- chapter 1 reprinted in A. Glasbeek, ed., Moral regulation and governance in Canada (CSPI 2006); several chapters regularly used in numerous course packages.

M. Valverde, Sex, power and pleasure (Toronto, Women’s Press, 1985; and Philadelphia, New Society, 1987). 212 pp.
- Published in French, with a new introduction, as Sexe, pouvoir, plaisir by Remue-Menage, Montreal, 1989.
- Published in German, with a new introduction, as Sex, Macht, und Lust by Orlanda Frauenverlag, Berlin, 1989.
- German translation republished as mass-market paperback by Fischer Verlag, 1994.
- chapter II reprinted in B. Fox, ed., Family Bonds and Gender Divisions (Toronto, Canadian Scholars Press, 1990; and second edition, 2000).
- numerous excerpts included in B. Crow and L. Gotell, eds., Introduction to Women’s Studies Reader (Toronto, Prentice Hall, 1999); excerpt re-published in M. Storr, ed., The bisexuality reader (London, Routledge, 1999)
- other excerpts republished in other anthologies on sexuality.

K. McDonnell and M. Valverde, eds., The healthsharing book: resources for Canadian women (Toronto, Women’s Press, 1985).

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Book chapters

Note: refereed books marked with an asterisk *
Note: all chapters and articles single-authored unless otherwise indicated

M. Valverde and A. Weaver, forthcoming “’The Crown wears many hats’: Canadian aboriginal law and the blackboxing of Empire" in Kyle McGee, ed. Latour and the passage of law

“Chronotopes of law” forthcoming in I. Braverman, N. Blomley, D. Delaney and A. Kedar, eds.,The Expanding Spaces of Law. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

P. O’Malley and M. Valverde, forthcoming "Focault: the governmentalisation of law and justice" - entry for Foundational Texts in the Criminal Law, ed. by Markus Dubber. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

M. Valverde and P. O’Malley, forthcoming “Criminology” – entry for Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law, ed. Markus Dubber. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

“The legal regulation of sex and sexuality”, forthcoming in Rosemary Gartner and Bill McCarthy, eds., Oxford Handbook of Crime, Sex, and Gender. New York: Oxford University Press.

“Conclusion: analyser les risques et la gestion du risque” in D. Niget and M. Petitclerc, eds., Pour une histoire du risque. Preses Universitaires du Quebec, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2012 (pp. 240-250).

“Lombroso’s Criminal Woman and the uneven development of the modern lesbian identity” in P. Knepper and P.J. Ystehede, eds., The Lombroso Handbook. London, Routledge, 2013 (pp. 201-214).

* "Beyond the Criminal Code: municipal licensing and zoning bylaws", co-authored with Emily van der Meulen, in E. Van der Meulen et al, eds., Selling sex: experience, advocacy, and research in Canada.Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2013

"Analyser la gestion du risque hors de l'opposition entre tradition et modernite", in Histoire des risques ed. Martin Petitlerc and David Niget, Presses Universitaires du Quebec. 2012.

"The legal regulation of sex and sexuality" in Rosemary Gartner and Bill McCarthy, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Crime, Gender and Sexuality, forthcoming Oxford, 2013

*”The question of scale in urban criminology”, in Adam Crawford, ed., International and Comparative Criminal Justice and Urban Governance, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011, 567-587

* “Law versus history: Foucault’s genealogy of modern sovereignty” in Andrew Neal and Michael Dillon, eds., Foucault on politics, security, and war. (London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2008), 135-151

* “Police, law, and sovereignty in Foucault’s College de France lectures” in M. Dubber and M. Valverde, eds., Police and the liberal state (Stanford, Stanford University Press, 2008), 15-32

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* “How law knows: theoretical and methodological issues” in A. Sarat et al., eds. How law knows (University of Michigan Press, 2007), pp. 72-93

* “Peace, order, and good government: police-like powers in postcolonial perspective” in M. Dubber and M. Valverde, eds., The new police science (Stanford University Press, 2006), pp. 73-106.

“Pain, memory, and the creation of the liberal subject: Nietzsche on the criminal law” in P. Goodrich and M. Valverde, eds., Nietzsche and legal theory: half-written laws (New York, Routledge, 2005), 67-89.
- Shortened version published in Korean in Postmodern Jurisprudence, ed. Prof. Yi, Seoul, 2007.

* “Experience and truth telling in a post-humanist world: a Foucaultian contribution to feminist ethical reflections” in Karen Vintges and Diana Taylor, eds., Feminism and the final Foucault (University of Illinois Press, 2004), 63-90.

M. Valverde and M. Mopas, “Insecurity and the dream of targeted governance” in W. Larner and W. Walters, eds., Global Governmentality (London, Routledge, 2004), 233-250.

“Targeted governance and the problem of desire” in R. Ericson and A. Doyle, eds., Risk and morality (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2003), 438-458.

M. Valverde and D. Moore, “Party girls and predators: chronotopes of female risk” in Debi Brock, ed., Making normal: social regulation in Canada (Toronto, Harcourt Brace, 2003), pp 306-328.
[revised version of ‘Maidens at risk’ 2000 article in Economy and Society]

“Governing security, governing through security”, in R. Daniels, P. Macklem and K. Roach, eds., The security of freedom: essays on Canada’s antiterrorism bill (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2001).

“Racial poison: alcohol, race and gender in first-wave feminism” in I. Fletcher, P. Levine, and L. Mayhall, eds., Elusive sisterhood: women’s suffrage, citizenship,nation and race in the British Empire (New York, Routledge, 2000) pp. 32-50.

* “Judging speech: an inquiry into the Supreme Court’s theory of signification” in A. Hutchinson and K. Petersen, eds., Censorship in Canada today (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1999) pp. 56-79.

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M. Valverde and L. Weir, “The state, the media, and women’s sexuality” in V. Burstyn, ed., Women against censorship (Vancouver and Toronto, Douglas and MacIntyre, 1985), pp. 135-147.

“Pornography” in C. Guberman and M. Wolfe, eds., No safe place: violence against women and children (Toronto, Women’s Press, 1985), pp. 127-158.

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Refereed journal articles

Note: articles sole-authored unless otherwise indicated

“The question of scale in feminist legal theory” forthcoming in University of California at Irvine Law Review

"Sind wir Poststrukturalistinnen? Foucaults Vermachtnis und der Stellenwert von Theorie in zeitgenossischen Analysen von Recht und Sicherheit" Kriminologisches Journal 10, 2012, 58-78.

"Analyzing punishment: scope and scale" Theoretical Criminology Vol. 16 no 2, (Spring 2012) 245-255

"The Crown in a multicultural age: the changing epistemology of (post)colonial sovereignty" Social and Legal Studies 21, 1 (March 2012), 3-21 [lead article]

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“Remembering Walter Benjamin from both sides of the Pyrenees”, Public Culture 21, 3 (2009), 441-450.

“Laws of the street” and Society vol. 21, no. 2 (2009), 163-181.

“Comment” on Loic Wacquant’s Punishing the Poor, Theoretical Criminology Vol. 14, no. 1 (2010), 117-19; simultaneously published in six languages in various European journals.

“Jurisdiction and scale: legal ‘technicalities’ as resources for theory:”. Social and Legal Studies Vol. 18, no 2, June 2009, 139-158.
- Reprinted in K.F. As, ed., The globalization of crime, Sage, October 2013.

“Analyzing the governance of security: jurisdiction and scale”. Behemoth [an international electronic journal of social theory, (2008)

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- Reprinted in L. Moran, ed., Sexuality and Identity, Ashgate 2006.

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- Reprinted in R. Cotterrell, ed., Sociological perspectives on law: contemporary debates (Aldershot,, Ashgate, 2001).

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“Beyond gender dangers and private pleasures: theory and ethics in the sex debates” Feminist Studies Vol. 15 no. 2 (Summer 1989), pp. 237-254.
- Reprinted in two anthologies of feminist legal studies

M. Valverde and L. Weir, “The struggles of the immoral: preliminary remarks on moral regulation” Resources for Feminist Research Vol. 17, no. 3 (1988), 31-35.
- Reprinted in S. Heald, Moral Regulation Reader (Toronto, Canadian Scholars Press, 1995) and in A. Glasbeek, Moral regulation and governance in Canada (2006)

“‘Giving the female a domestic turn’: the legal, social and moral regulation of women’s work in British cotton mills, 1820-1850" Journal of Social History, Vol. 21, no. 4 (June 1988), 619-634.
- Article nominated by the journal for Berkshire prize in women’s history.

“The love of finery: fashion and the fallen woman in nineteenth century social discourse” Victorian Studies Vol. 32, no. 2 (winter 1989), 168-188.

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Major review essays

Note: single authored unless otherwise specified

“Foucault’s criminology lectures: new insights on the history of legal forms” Major review essay (10,000 words) forthcoming in Law and Social Inquiry, Spring 2014.

“Spectres of Foucault in law and society scholarship” Annual Review of Law and Social Science, Vol. 4, 2010.

Ron Levi and Mariana Valverde, “Studying law by association” [Review essay on Bruno Latour and legal studies], Law and Social Inquiry Vol. 33 no. 2, 805-827 (2008)

Review essay on Bruno Latour’s Re-assembling the social, Law and Society Review (2008).

N. Rose, P. O’Malley and M. Valverde, “Governmentality” Annual Review of Law and Social Science No. 2, December 2006, pp. 83-104.

“Genealogies of European states: Foucaultian reflections” [Major review essay of two volumes of Foucault’s lectures], Economy and Society Vol. 36, no. 1 (February 2007), 159-178.

Review essay of Michel Foucault, Society must be defended, in Law, culture, and the humanities, Vol. 1 no. 1, March 2004, 119-131.

“Money, sex, and speech: the law of speech and law as speech” [Review essay of Dissent, injustice, and the meanings of America by S. Shiffrin] Texas Law Review (2000)

“The personal is the political: justice and gender in deconstruction” [Review essay on J. Derrida, Politics of friendship] Economy and Society Vol. 28, no. 2 (May 1999), 300-312.

“Identity politics and the law in the US” [Review essay on six books] Feminist Studies Vol. 25 no. 3 (Winter 1999)

“Deconstructive communism?” [Review essay on J. Derrida, Spectres of Marx] Labour/ le travail 36 (Autumn 1995) 329-340.

“‘No baby? No nation!’” [Review essay on five books on state regulation of motherhood] Signs Vol. 20 no. 2 (Fall 1994).

“Pauperism, moral character, and the liberal state” [Review essay on three books on 19th century philanthropy] Labour/ le travail 30 (Fall 1992).

“Postructuralist gender historians: are we those names?” [Review essay on Joan Scott’s Gender and the politics of history and D. Riley, Am I that name?] Labour/ le travail 25 (1990), 227-236.

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Other publications (selected)

“Social purity” – entry for Handbook of Sexuality Studies, forthcoming.

“Beyond Discipline and Punish: Foucault’s challenge to criminology” in Carceral Notebooks vol. 4 (University of Chicago), 2009, 201-224.

M. Valverde and Ron Levi, “Gobernar a través de la comunidad” Delito y Sociedad, No. 20, 2007 [Criminology journal based in Buenos Aires]

M. Valverde, “A new entity in the history of sexuality: the respectable same-sex couple” Commentary in Feminist Studies 32, no. 1(2006), 155-162.

M. Valverde and R. Levi, Freedom of the city: a report on Canadian cities’ legal quest for governmental status. Report for the Law Commission of Canada, February 2005, 65 pp.

‘Governmentality’ entry for New Oxford Companion to Law, co-authored with Pat O’Malley (forthcoming 2008)

‘Liquor control’ and ‘temperance’ entries for the Oxford Companion to Canadian History, ed. G. Hallowell (University of Toronto Press, 2004).

‘Liquor control’ entry for reference book Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History, ed. I. Tyrrell and J. Blocker (2004)

M. Valverde, R. Levi and D. Moore, Legal Knowledges of Risk. A Report for the Law Commission of Canada, May 2003. 56 pp.

M. Valverde, R. Levi, C. Shearing, M. Condon and P. O’Malley, Democracy in governance: a socio-legal framework. A report for the Law Commission of Canada. 1999. 33 pp.

‘Criminal justice system’ and ‘social purity’ entries for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Feminist Thought, ed. L. Code (London, Routledge, 2000.

Three entries for H. Gilbert, ed., The sexual imagination. London, Jonathan Cape, 1993.

Entry for “Obscenity, pornography, censorship” in W.H. New, ed., Reader’s encyclopedia of Canadian Writing. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2000.

M. Valverde and L. Weir, “Regulating reproductive and genetic technologies: a feminist view of recent Canadian government initiatives” Commentary in Feminist Studies Vol. 23 no. 2 (Summer 1997), 419-423.

Edited conference proceedings for the Radically rethinking regulation conference held in 1994 (Proceedings published by Centre of Criminology, 1994).

Edited conference proceedings for New forms of governance conference (Proceedings published by Centre of Criminology, 1997).

Entry for ‘Dionne quintuplets’ in C. King and B.K. Rothman, eds., Encyclopedia of childhood.

Two entries in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (Florence Kinton; John G. Shearer).

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Book reviews

Over 40 reviews in a wide variety of journals (socio-legal studies, sociology, history).

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