I Think I Know Who I'm Typing To


People come in different sizes, colours, and personalities – everyone is different and has their own lifestyle.  These lifestyles, induced by behaviours and attitudes, can be placed within categories of negative, positive, normal, and bizarre.  An example of a bizarre lifestyle can be one of a pedophile; these people can be found anywhere in the world, in little to many numbers.  Also known as sexual predators, they “display a sexual desire directed toward children” (“Pedophile”).  Knowing that there are people with these uniformly secret identities walking around in neighbourhoods, it becomes a scary place for children.  However, with the rise of the World Wide Web, it has become harder to identify pedophiles who seek children with the anonymity of cyber-identity.  Although the Internet has become a grand space to interact and communicate with others, anonymity in cyber-identity, in relation to sexual predators, can lead to dangerous consequences.

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