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I am a PhD student at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of the University of Toronto, in Dr. Marie-Josée Fortin lab.

I am a spatial ecologist interested in the spatial and temporal dynamics of tropical environments, with an ultimately focus in the conservation of these ecosystems.

The rates of deforestation increased drastically after the 50's , particularly due to the destruction of tropical regions. Given immense species richness of tropical regions this degradation was particularly alarming in terms of anthropogenic impacts in the environment, with rising concerns about potential species loss due to this degradation. One approach that has been used is to try to relate the amount of habitat loss with the rates of species extinctions, by reversing the species-area curve, however, almost always generating overestimates. These commonly seen discrepancy foment an intense debate in the literature, with the "extinction debt" hypotheses been the most supported one. In my PhD I investigate other potential causes of these discrepancies, and also, try to get a better understanding of the species extinction dynamics in tropical regions.

My former work is mainly devoted to understand the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, one of the most threatened and rich biomes of the planet (see my publication list). During this work, I collected a massive amount of data, about understory birds occurrence in dozens of fragments, which are now, been used by myself, and also by many other scientists.

Also, part of my work is devoted to bridging the gap between the formal academic knowledge and decision making in the ground, especially in developmental plans, and in policy making, in different regions of Brazil. Among these projects, I can highlight:
- The creation of the PENAP state park. Associated with Ana Claudia Rocha Braga, I was the main responsible for the initial idea, the always fatigue battle for financial support, the arrangement of local and non-local partnerships, and also, I coordinate and extensive field work in the area, where we investigate the fauna, flora, potential tourist attractions, landhold aspects, among many other themes. The park was created during the Rio+20 UN meeting in 2012, with more than 22 000 ha, holding many endangered species, including jaguars, woolly spider monkeys, and many species that still need scientific description.
- I was also part of the group that helped the Brazilian Federal government to establish priority areas for restoration in the Atlantic Forest, and the main results you can find here.
- I was also part of the team that helped the Brazilian Federal government to establish the priority areas for conservation in the Atlantic Forests, results here.
- I was also part of the group that helped the CNEC and the EPE/MME/Brazilian Federal Government to plan land use and occupation, particularly focusing in the energetic plan in different basins in Brazil (e.g. Juruena MT/AM and Tibagi PR).
- I also helped in environmental impact assessments, or in impact monitoring in large hydroelectrics in the Brazilian Amazon, among them UHE Jirau (Madeira river), UHE Marabá (Tocantins and Araguaia rivers) and UHE Sao Luiz dos Tapajós (Tapajós river).