I test a number of basic research questions using complimentary methods including experimental evolution, community manipulations, field and lab experiments, genetic analysis, and comparative phylogenetics. To do so I developed my own plant-insect study systems that are composed of economically important and/or invasive species.

Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow working with Marc Johnson at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.  Lab page:

Ph.D.: University of California Riverside under the supervision of David N. Reznick and J. Daniel Hare.

  1. Bullet  I am thrilled to start a new postdoctoral position this summer with Jonathan Levine at ETH Zurich!  Although saddened to leave UTM and the Johnson Lab, this will be a great opportunity to conduct even more fascinating research and gain more expertise especially in community ecology.

  2. Bullet  May-June I am excited to be teaching Bio-342 this spring. I get paid to talk about evolution? Sign me UP!

Last Update: April 24th 2014

    I am an evolutionary ecologist that studies interactions between evolution and ecology occurring over very rapid timescales (few weeks) and over macroevolutionary timescales (from thousands to millions of years).  My integrative research aims to understand the eco-evolutionary implications of adapting to both natural processes (e.g., species interactions) and human disturbances.

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