Power system apparatus are increasingly operated closer to their operational limits to achieve a higher degree of utilization. Power systems, too, are subjected to more stringent operational constraints and control strategies due to incentives such as environmental awareness to maximize technical and economical utilization. As a result, power system transients drive the power system close to its operational limits and may cause violation of operational limits and even instability.

A software tool is developed to serve as a test platform for assessment.

The software is developed in the MATLAB programming language. The p-code of the developed software can be accessed from this website.

The screen capture of the scenario described in the accompanying paper is also available for download.


  • Paper: Online set point adjustment for trajectory shaping in microgrid applications | 487 KB
  • Paper: Online set point adjustment for enhanced dynamic response of microgrids: Theoretical foundation | 000 KB
  • Source code (p-code): This is a self-contained file and runs by simply entering its name at the MATLAB prompt. | 4 KB
  • Screen capture:


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