Open position: The Mekhail lab @UofT is growing and so we need more PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Research projects centre around the following topics: nucleus, DNA repair, ncRNA, Cas9, human, cancer, yeast, microtubules, kinesin, and LLPS. Email cover letter and CV to  
  Current team members:    


Karim Mekhail, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Principal Investigator (Tenured)
Canada Research Chair in Spatial Genome Organization


Janet N.Y. Chan, M.Sc.
Laboratory Technician
Violena Pietrobon, Ph.D.  
Postdoctoral Fellow  
Co-supervision with Dr. Michael Ohh  
Maryam Medghalchi, Ph.D.  
Postdoctoral Fellow  
Karan Joshua Abraham, B.Sc., M.Sc.  
M.D./Ph.D. Student  
CIHR Vanier Doctoral Award  
Adel S. Sedra Dintinguished Graduate Award  
Ruggles Innovation Award  
CIHR MD/PhD Fellowship  
UofT Admission Fellowship  
GRC2016 and 2017 1st Place Poster Prizes  
Amanda Hall, B.Sc.  
Ph.D. Student  
CIHR Doctoral Scholarship  
CIHR Masters Scholarship  
Ontario Graduate Scholarhsip  
UofT Admission Fellowship  
Lauren Ostrowski, B.Sc., M.Sc.  
Ph.D. Student  
UofT Admission Fellowship  
Ontario Graduate Scholarhsip  
SGS Conference Grant  
Roxanne Oshidari, B.Sc., M.Sc.  
Ph.D. Student  
NSERC Dcotoral Postgraduate Scholarship  
Ontario Graduate Scholarship  
UofT Admission Fellowship  
GRC 2017 1st Place Poster Prize  
GRC Three Minute Thesis Competition Winner  
Negin Khosraviani, B.Sc.  
Ph.D. Student  
Ashley Wang  
B.Sc. Student  
UROP Award  
Richard Huang  
B.Sc. Student  
UROP Award  
Andy Samman  
B.Sc. Student  
UROP Award  
Ying Quan  
B.Sc. Student  
UROP Award  
Bessie Xue  
B.Sc. Student  
UROP Award  
  - Dr. Jayesh Salvi, Ph.D. graduate (CIHR Doctoral Vanier Scholar, CIHR Masters CGS Scholar, OGS Award, SGS Excellence and Conference Awards, Stuart Alan Hoffman Award); Current position: Human Science Frontier postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University (Dr. Thomas Rando's lab).  
  - Dr. Nurussaba Khanam, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow; Current position: Scientist, U. of Toronto.  
  - Kirk Szafranski, M.Sc. graduate (OGS Scholarship; SGS Admission Award).  
  - Daniel Chung, M.Sc. graduate (NSERC Masters Scholarship; SGS Scholarship; SGS Travel Award; GRC 1st Place Poster Prize); Current position: Student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.  
  - Betty P.K. Poon, M.Sc. Graduate, 2010-2012 (Scholarships & Awards: CIHR CGS Masters Scholarship, OGS & SGS Scholarships, 1st Prize Poster at 2011 LMP GSRD, SGS Conference Travel Award); Current position: Research Associate at the University of Toronto.  
  - Sasha Ebrahimi, Graduate Student, 2010-2011, NSERC Vanier CGS Scholarship; Current position: PhD student at the University of Toronto.  
  - Elva Vidya, B.Sc. Graduate, 2014-2017 (UROP Award); Current position: Graduate student at McGill University.  
  - Kevin Zhang, Undergraduate student, 2017-2018.  
  - Christian Krustev, B.Sc. Graduate, 2016-2017; Current position: Graduate student at U. of Toronto.  
  - Ben Kim, B.Sc. Graduate, 2016-2017; Current position: Graduate student at U. of Toronto.  
  - Samuel Killackey, B.Sc. Summer & Project Student (UROP Award); Current position: Granduate Student, University of Toronto.  
  - Nancy Liu, Summer Student (Linda & Avrum Gotlieb Excellence Award); Current position: Student at University of Toronto.  
  - Thomas Lu, Undergraduate Student; Current position: Premedical Student, University of Toronto.  
  - Tony Liu, B.Sc. (Linda & Avrum Gotlieb Excellence Award); Current position: Medical Student at Western.  
  - Jane D. Wu, Undergraduate Summer Student, 2012, 3rd Prize Poster at 2012 LMP Undergraduate Summer Research Day; Current Position: Dentistry Student at the University of Toronto.  
  - Kevin Liu, B.Sc. Honours Student, 2017-2018; Current position: Researcher at SickKids Hospital  
  - Daniel Abd Assamad, B.Sc., 2017-2018.  
  - Chen Li, Term Student, 2011-2012, OGS and SGS Scholarships; Current position: Medical Student at the University of Toronto.  
  - Christopher Pettigrew, Undergraduate Student, 2010-2012; Current position: CEO of Cytospan Technologies, Toronto.  
  - Jackie Tang, Summer Student, 2012; Current position: Graduate Student, University of Toronto.