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Uninsured Services and the Annual Administrative Plan

Our Annual Administrative Plan is just another way to pay for services that are not paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.  It is an optional once yearly fee for individuals or families and covers a range of services you may need during the year.  In an effort to minimize these charges and to bring some efficiency to our practice, we ask that you consider paying for a number of commonly provided services through an Annual Fee, called the Annual Administrative Plan.  This Plan was introduced to our practice in 2005 as an alternative way to pay for Uninsured Services. Many individual patients and families have taken advantage of this program. The Annual Plan Fee applies to a specific set of uninsured services for a period of one year.  The Annual Plan is purely voluntary.  You may pay for each individual service as it is rendered and that is your choice, but you will be expected to pay for each uninsured service before leaving our office.  For your convenience, you may pay by VISA, MasterCard, cheque or cash.

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For information on Annual Fees, please visit the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons' website at www.cpso.on.ca/Policies/blockfees.htm

Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

           Q: Why is there a charge for renewal of prescriptions by telephone?

What is the best way to renew your medications?

The best way to renew your medications is to do so at the time that you visit the doctor because they can be reviewed with you if required, and any needed investigations or medication changes can be done during the visit.  Additional renewals can be provided at the time of your prescription for an agreed upon period of time. If you receive your prescription in this way, there is no charge for the prescription as it is provided as part of the office visit.

Medications should ideally be renewed for an agreed upon period of time when you visit your doctor. You should return to the office at the end of that time for a check up and a new prescription

We no longer renew medications by phone or fax, unless this is personally discussed with the physician.  We will waive the fee in some circumstances, such as serious medical conditions impairing mobility, or exceptional weather.  If the request for phone renewal is due to reasons of convenience (examples:  not checking that medication is running out, inconvenient to make an appointment to come in), the fee will apply.

Why is there a fee for telephone renewal of prescriptions?

Calling a prescription in to the pharmacy for renewal by a physician is an uninsured service. This means that OHIP does not pay the physician for providing this service. When a patient calls in a prescription to a pharmacy by telephone is not as simple as it appears. The pharmacist calls the doctor’s office and the requested medications are recorded by the secretary. The physician is notified, and reviews the chart to determine whether the medications should be renewed and for what period. Occasionally the doctor will have to speak directly to the pharmacist if there are queries.  This takes time away from booked patients in the office. Once the renewal is approved, the secretary calls the pharmacy and your medication is dispensed. Each year the Ontario Medical Association reviews the list of fees that physicians are advised to charge for uninsured services. The fee for renewal of prescriptions by telephone is $25.00 per call irrespective of how many medications need to be renewed at one time.

Q: Why is there a charge for Travel Advice?

Travel advice and related immunizations are not covered by OHIP; it would be considered fraudulent for us to charge OHIP for this service.  If you need travel advice or travel-related immunizations, you will be billed privately.  The immunization fee covers the administration of the vaccine; you will need a prescription to buy the vaccine at the pharmacy.

Q: Do I have to pay for my office visits?

A: No. OHIP covers all office visits for medical reasons. The Annual Plan is just another way to pay for services that are not paid by OHIP. It is an optional once yearly fee for individuals or families and covers a range of services you may need during the year. The only time you will have to pay for an office visit is if you require a service that is not medically necessary e.g. Physical fitness assessment and report for a summer camp, driver's assessment and form.

Q: Do you have a list of what I have to pay for?

  A: Yes. A detailed list of services that need to be paid for privately  is available at the Uninsured Services page.

Q: I already have the Annual Plan. Will a bill be sent to me when it is time to renew?

 A: Yes. If you have the Annual Plan, a bill will be sent once a year when it is time to renew. The bill will include information on any changes to the Annual Plan for the following year. 

Q: Can I sign up for the Annual Plan any time?

 A: No. You will only be able to sign up for the Annual Plan once yearly (in the 2 months prior to renewal). The Annual Plan runs from July 1 of each year to June 30 of the following year. Letters will be sent out to patients in May of each year inviting patients to sign up for the Annual Plan. If you do not have the Annual Plan, you will need to pay for any services during the year on a fee-for-service basis when the service is provided.

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April 15, 2007