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After Hours and Urgent Care

Getting care outside of office hours can be a problem, because it is sometimes difficult to know where to go or what to do.  In our community, several services have been organized recently to improve this.  On this page, you will find information on After Hours care and Urgent care for our practice.

If you need After Hours telephone advice, please call

    Telephone Health Answering Service 1-866-553-7205 (5 pm to 9 am daily, 24 hours on weekends and holidays).  

A nurse will answer your questions.  If the nurse needs to speak to a physician, she will phone the physician on call.  THAS will be faxing us a report if you consent, so that we know what happened.


If you need to be seen by a doctor on evenings or week-ends, please use our after hours clinic,

     The North York Family Physicians After Hours Clinic

This is at Bayview Village Mall, Bayview and Sheppard, besides Loblaws (416-491-6338).  The clinic is open 5 pm to 7:30 pm weekdays, and 10 am to 3:30 pm weekends and holidays, and there is free parking.  We will be getting a report of your visit.

If I am away on holidays/Medical Conference, or unavailable, my secretary can help you decide where you should be seen (at my office by my partner, at the After Hours Clinic, or at the Urgent Care Centre)


If you need more complicated care (for example, suspected broken bone or a cut that need stitches), please go to

    The North York General Hospital's Urgent Care Centre

This is at the Branson site, 555 Finch avenue West (on Finch, 1 block West of Bathurst street).  They are open from 9 am to 9 pm daily; the phone number for Branson is 416-635-9420.   The Centre treats problems such as:

    * Bruises and other injuries, cuts needing stitches, broken bones and dislocations
    * Mild to moderate asthma, pneumonia
    * Bladder infections
    * Uncomplicated skin infections
    * Leg swelling
    * Eye complaints other than vision loss


If you have a more serious problem, such as chest pain or a suspected stroke, or any problem that may need a hospital admission, please go to the nearest Emergency Department.

A searchable database of health care options is maintained by the Ministry of Health and Long Term care. This is a good place to look for after hours care.


We hope this will help you find the appropriate After Hours and Urgent health services, should you need them

Last updated March 24, 2006