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Uninsured Services

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

The Following Uninsured Services ARE Covered by the Annual Plan:

Prescription Renewals by phone or fax (emergency, short-term renewals at physician discretion only)*


Completion of Physical Fitness Forms for school, camp, fitness clubs


Non-Office Consultation initiated by patient (emergency situations only at physician discretion, up to 10 minutes)

From $30

Completion of Forms for Weight Loss Company


Visit for Travel-related advice


Completion of Hospital / Nursing Home employees /volunteers forms


Travel-related fee for administering immunization (e.g. Hep A or B)

$15 per shot

Completion of Other Forms at physician discretion (e.g. massage or physical therapy for insurance purposes)


Tb Skin Test (pre-employment) including letter


Completion of Driver’s Medical Examination Form


Completion of Back to Work or Sick Notes (max 3 per year)


Completion of Complex Notes required by employer (e.g. TTC)


Completion of CRA Disability Tax Credit Form


Completion of Travel Cancellation Insurance Form


Completion of Private Insurance Illness / Disability Form


Completion of Letter on Behalf of Patient at physician discretion

Simple $20
Complex $100-$200

Lost Notes / Prescriptions / Letters / Forms


Completion of Other Notes (e.g. school/camp/daycare/jury duty/fitness club) at physician discretion

$20-$150 depending complexity

Cryotherapy for wart removal (not plantar), max 3 visits per year (amount per lesion)
1-3 lesions:
4 or more:




The following Uninsured Services are NOT covered by the Annual Plan:

Missed Appointment without 24 hour prior notice
General Visit
Physical or Counselling


Legal Reports

OMA Rate

Extensive Disability Report / Insurance Form

OMA Rate

Transfer of Individual Records

$100 depend on complexity

Physical Examinations required by third party (e.g. driver’s examination)

OMA Rate








*Prescription renewals ordinarily require an office visit to reassess the condition requiring the prescription. If you are unable to schedule an appointment to review your medications, we will charge for this service. Please anticipate your renewals, ask for renewals at each visit, and bring your medications to appointments.

**Compliance with requests and completion of all notes/forms etc. at physician discretion and may be subject to maximum

For more information, please refer to the CPSO Block Fees and Uninsured Services Policy at www.cpso.on.ca under Policies