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I am proud to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the ISTF team this past year. The individual members of the team completed their assigned tasks with lots of energy. The team was highly organized. Under the leadership of Mike Hung, team meetings were regularly scheduled. A list of goals was set for each meeting, a reasonable amount of time to complete the task was determined and as a result all members worked to complete the task in an efficient manner. The leadership this year organized the team in a manner that resulted in a fair workload for all team members. All members of the team contributed in a balanced way and everyone was involved. All members were concerned about quality of the end product. Each member had a sense of pride regarding his or her contribution to the team. In conclusion, the team members set realistic goals for themselves and as a result I strongly believe that our ISTF web page this year is one of the best that we have seen at Glenforest Secondary School.

Another aspect of this year’s experience that I have been asked to comment on is the important area of communication. Under the leadership of Mike, the team held regularly scheduled, productive, team meetings on Friday mornings in room 104 with the expressed purpose of moving the project along. Mike communicated with team members by way of e-mail. As the project developed team members interacted with other by way of the Internet in order to clarify sub-components of the project and to provide updates to team members. Manoj, in a capable fashion, researched companies all over the world in order to obtain a technical advisor. He also communicated with our technical advisor on-line on several occasions, and as a result he was able to share with the team a significant amount of important information associated with our project. Jacqueline was our tireless editor in chief.

In terms of lessons learned this year I would like to make comments in several areas.

The students became aware of leading edge technology and how solar power could help Canada cut its Carbon Dioxide levels and help live up to the Kyoto Agreement. The students developed their critical thinking skills, used higher order problem solving skills using the scientific method as well as Internet research skills. The students were able to acquire some high level web page creation and design skills. The students also learned the importance of deadlines and working together as a team to meet the deadlines.

The team’s level of organization and ability to work under pressure has improved. Most of the students on my ISTF team are also leaders of the Glenforest Robotics team. This Canada FIRST Robotics Competition takes place February 27 – March 1, the same due date as the ISTF competition.

Johanne Christensen
Glenforest Secondary School
ISTF teacher sponsor


Glenforest Secondary School, Ontario, Canada
ISTF Project #02-541

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